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Big hair and retro hair styles are still with us this season and well into the next.

Height at the crown is very fashionable but keep it tame! Don’t chav up your hair do on the day, by all means take some influence from trends around but mix it with a classic look. Full on classic hairstyles never fail as they are perfect for keeping your photos timeless.

The Audrey Hepburn

Is an example of a bridal classic, hair is piled on top with height the hair can be styled in various ways including a smooth roll, folds or soft chunky waves (avoid tight barrel loops) hair is pinned behind the tiara this is a truly elegant sophisticated look.


Another classic style is the Chignon – hair that is styled low down at the back of the head as opposed to high up. Chignons can look beautiful if hair is softly waved and taken up in sections, securing with pins. You can also wrap smooth and fold the hair to create an elegant chignon. an effective hair them e is to design a chignon at the centre back for the bride and then follow through to the bridesmaid by doing a similar look but twist it to the side. This style looks especially gorgeous dressed up with sparkly or crystal and pearl hair pins.

Half up Half down

An extremely popular hair design for brides, ideal if you are not confident with hair up and still like a lot of length on show. This style looks best with soft waves, if you want to soften the look then leave some loose waves around your face.

Word by Nina Wren

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