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Wedding Planning Do’s and Don’ts

  Hooray! You’re getting married! Now the fun of planning your wedding can begin, but where to start? Some couples feel daunted by the whole process, but by bearing some tips in mind from the outset you can create your perfect wedding day without getting too stressed to enjoy it. Think of the timescale, if […]

Becoming Engaged

When a couple decide they want to get married, they will usually be engaged for a period of time first. It is still traditional for the person who makes the proposal to seek permission from their intended’s father before they ask the question, and they should be fairly certain of the answer before they get […]

The Stylish Groom

A lot of pre-wedding conversation seems to be about the bride’s gown and accessories and sometimes the groom can be overlooked. If the bride is choosing the dress of her dreams there is no reason why the groom shouldn’t have a say in what he will wear on one of the most important days of […]

Choosing your Wedding Rings

Platinum is the most popular choice for wedding rings and engagement rings due to its hardness, rarity and naturally white sheen that will never fade or change colour; however, all of this beauty comes at a price and Palladium is a more affordable choice that will give you the same look. Palladium comes from the same […]

Advice on a Gift List

For those couples who already have a home together before they get married a gift list reduces the risk of an unwanted or duplicated gift, or they may prefer to ask for vouchers or money towards a big purchase for their home, but if they have only just moved in together the couple might need […]