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Bridesmaid Dress Trends Set to be Big in 2019

Image courtesy of SouthBound Bride

Ok, so once you’ve made your dress decision, it’s time to think about your lovely bridesmaids. Colour? Shape? Style? Material? So many questions! Unless you’ve always had a set idea of the style and colour you’d like, this decision can be tricky. So, to help you, we’ve put together the following round-up of bridesmaid dress […]

Getting Married in 2019? Swan Brides Have Picked Their top Wedding Dress Trends for the Year Ahead

Wedding dress 2019

Bride to be 2019? Here’s Swan Bridal’s round-up of the top wedding dress trends for 2019… 1. Pocketed Wedding Dress Yes, you heard that right; wedding dresses with pockets. Where else would you put your phone on your special day! Here are our favourite dresses stocked at Swan Brides with pockets: Martin Thornburg, Juliet Stella York, 6782 […]

10 DIY Wedding Favour Ideas

10 DIY Wedding Favour Ideas

Wedding favours come in a whole manner of shapes and sizes nowadays, so you really can get as creative as you like. Whether you’re on a budget or not, creating your own wedding favours can add a much more sentimental touch. From cocktails to personal notes, the possibilities are endless so, to get your creative […]

Everything you Need to Know About Wedding Day Speeches

Everything you Need to Know About Wedding Day Speeches

The part of the day that’s often a roller coaster of emotions from nerves and laughter to tears of joy. The anticipation can be terrifying for those in the hot seat. Whether you like delivering speeches or not, talking about your nearest and dearest can prove to be extremely emotional. When planning your wedding day, you’ll […]

Bridal Emergency Wedding Day Kit

Emergency Bridal Wedding Day Kit

From teary eyes to spillages, a lot can happen on your big day so it’s important that you’re prepared. To help ensure you stay flawless, put together a bridal emergency wedding day kit of things you might need to have on hand. Here’s a round-up of handy items to include…

25 Questions to ask Your Wedding Venue Before Booking

25 Questions to ask your venue before booking Your Wedding

Choosing your venue is such an exciting part of the wedding planning process! From rustic and traditional to contemporary and sleek, whatever your taste, there are plenty to choose from. However, before you jump head over heels into a venue you love the look of, make sure you’re clear on a few key things. It’s […]