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The North West Wedding Awards 2019

On Wednesday 12th June, County Brides & Events hosted the 9th annual North West Wedding Awards at The Mere Resort & Spa. With over 340 guests in attendance for this black Tie awards evening where County Brides also raised £6,503.50 so far for their chosen charity, Destination Florida Children’s Charity. Brides, bridegrooms and customers from across […]

Changing Your Name After the Wedding: Our Handy Checklist

Changing your name after your wedding can feel like a big step, but the process is actually pretty simple. There are lots of different options to choose from like having a double-barrelled name or choosing not to take your partner’s name at all. Whatever choice you make, we’re here to walk you through the options […]

The Ultimate Guide to Maid of Honour Duties

Being chosen as someone’s maid of honour is an incredibly special experience. They have chosen you to stand by their side and help them get everything ready for their big day. Maid of honour is actually a slightly inaccurate name, really it should be more along the lines of ‘super planner, emotional support giver, make-up […]

Planning Your Daytime Wedding Music

You may have already booked your evening entertainment or thought about an awesome band or DJ you will hire to fill the dance floor and get the party started. But what about during the day? Imagine walking down the aisle to silence! Consider you and your guests having your drinks reception and meal to just […]