6 Things to Steer Clear of the Week Before Your Wedding

You’ve test drove your final look, finalised the seating plan and confirmed the vendors. Now all that is left to do is to walk down the aisle and say, “I do”, well, pretty much… The week before your wedding can be a time filled with apprehension, last-minute panics, but plenty of excitement too!

Although there’s no doubt that you will have a long line-up of things to do during the last week before your wedding, we’re introducing a few things not to do.

This list of 6 things to steer clear of the week before your wedding is designed to help you look and feel the best that you possibly can when it comes to your big day…

Changing your hairstyle

Although it may be tempting to shock everyone with a brand-new hairdo, we wouldn’t recommend that you do this the week prior to your big day.

Any changes to the length and colour of your hair may affect the texture, and therefore affect the way it will work in your desired style. Plus, if your new do doesn’t go to plan, it will be really hard to rectify it before your wedding. Either change your hairstyle well in advance or wait until after your wedding day to go for that peroxide blonde pixie cut (or whatever else floats your boat).

However, if you’re itching to get to the hairdressers, getting your split ends trimmed or having a luscious hair mask and head massage is a great idea.

wedding planning tips

Choosing the salon for your spray tan

It doesn’t matter how well you prepare for your wedding, there are always going to be things that get left to the last minute, but choosing the salon where you get your spray tan done should not be one of those.

To get the best results, a trial spray tan at your chosen salon should take place a couple of weeks in advance, preferably before your dress fitting, so you can experiment with which tone works best against the colour of your gown. Maybe you went too light, or too dark, on the trial and wish to alter it. Or maybe you didn’t like the results at all and wish to use a different salon.

We would also recommend that you get the final spray tan for your wedding at least two days before the actual date so there is time for the tan to settle, and it also allows some wiggle-room if any areas need touching up or toning down.


A new intense workout regime

Everyone wants to look their best on their wedding day, and during the last week before your wedding, you may be tempted to up your game at the gym just so you can drop them extra few pounds.

But don’t forget, your partner loves you how you are, and you should love you how you are right now too. So, don’t worry – you will look fabulous even without them extra bums, tums and thighs classes you wanted to take. Plus, you’ll be thankful when you can waltz into the early hours without your legs screaming out in pain!

We would advise to simply stick to what you’re doing or, if you are in need of burning some energy, go for a gentle jog around the block. This will release endorphins and get you out in the fresh air – which will make you feel great both mentally and physically.


Skipping meals or trying out a new diet

It doesn’t matter if you’re too busy, want to drop some weight or simply don’t feel like eating, there is no excuse to starve your body of the nutrients it needs – especially in the last week running up to your wedding day.

Not eating properly, or trying out a new fad diet, can cause the body to go into panic mode and make you feel tired, bloated and irritable, which is certainly not what your OH needs in the run-up to you two getting married.

However, we would suggest that reducing your sugar intake, excessive amounts of salt, processed foods and alcohol would benefit you. Try eating lots of lean proteins (such as beans, pulses, nuts and lean meats and fish), as well as foods rich in antioxidants such as berries and leafy greens, all of which will make you feel great.  

wedding planning tips

Discussing uncomfortable issues with your husband-to-be

Spending quality time with you OH is an absolute must in the week before your wedding. You should check in with your spouse-to-be to see how they’re coping in the run-up to wedding and give them time to voice any concerns or excitement, but bringing up deeply uncomfortable issues at this time is a big no-no.

Hopefully, any serious underlying problems in your relationship should have been sorted out by this period. But if you feel like bringing up issues simply because you have the pre-wedding jitters, the week before your wedding day is just not the time to do this. Although we know it’s not all sunshine and rainbows in the world of partnerships, you and your OH should be on the best of terms going into your wedding day.


Trying out new skincare products

If you change your skincare routine, there is always a chance of a reaction, breakout or it having an effect on your makeup. Therefore, if you wish to achieve a radiant glow on your wedding day and your current skincare routine just isn’t cutting it, have a chat to your dermatologist way in advance and make a plan so your skin looks beautifully healthy on the day.

If you haven’t planned ahead, don’t worry! Just keep your skincare routine nice and simple to avoid any adverse side effects and catch some zzz’s; this will naturally benefit your complexion.


If you have any other ideas of what brides-to-be should steer clear of in the week before their wedding, or you have any stories of things you’d wish you had avoided, let us know by getting in touch with us on Facebook. 


10 North West Hen Party Ideas

Whether you’re wanting to tease the hen with a couple of buff butlers, take her on a heart-racing adventure through an escape room, or wish to spoil her rotten with a relaxing spa day, there’s no shortage of things to do when it comes to arranging a hen party in Manchester, Liverpool or Chester. 

If you’re a bride-to-be, or part of the bridal party with the all-important job of planning the hen-do, we’re here to help. Below is a list of 10 ideas for a hen party in the North West of England.


1. Enrol onto a cocktail masterclass

The best kind of education that all your friends and family will appreciate. On a cocktail masterclass, you and your hen party can become cocktail connoisseurs and be taught to mix and muddle a range of different cocktails by a professional mixologist.

Once you’ve all learned how to make them, and tried out your own concoctions, you can then head out and get tasting cocktails throughout the city with your new-found knowledge!

Available in Manchester, Liverpool and Chester.


2. Feeling fancy? Take your hen party for an afternoon tea

There’s nothing more quintessentially British and no better way to make you feel super fancy then going out for some cream scones, dainty finger sandwiches and maybe even a glass of fizz or two.

Afternoon tea is a lady-like addition to any hen-do weekend, and the North West cities are teeming with coffee shops, tea rooms and hotels serving traditional afternoon teas.

Available in Manchester, Liverpool and Chester.


3. Enjoy a game of crazy golf

This is not the kind of crazy golf you used to play with your family as a kid. These crazy golf joints are 18+ with the mini-golf courses being strewn with cool lights and wall-art and, best of all, they also boast exceptional cocktail bars and live DJs.

Playing some adults-only crazy golf is one way to ensure the evening of your hen-do starts with some healthy competition and lots of fun!

Available in Manchester and Liverpool.


4. Be indulged on a chauffeured gin crawl

The Gin Journey is different to any night out you’ve experienced before. It is a historical, educational and fun-filled tour that will take you and the girls through the North West’s finest gin bars with a taster at each stop.

On the tour, your party will be chauffeur-driven by a gin carriage to five different bars, and even a gin distillery, where you will get to try specially selected premium gins and gin cocktails whilst discovering the history and different production methods of gin.

Available in Manchester, Liverpool and Chester.


5. Unwind on a relaxing spa day

A day (or maybe two) of indulgent pampering is the perfect way to unwind and relax after a busy hen weekend. Maybe you could even spoil the hen to a treatment or two, so she looks and feels her best, in preparation for the big day.

Available in Manchester, Liverpool and Chester.


6. Test your bond in an Escape Room

Here the strength of the bridal group will be tested, and bonds will become stronger as you work together under the pressures of both time and fear. As a group, you will have to piece together clues, solve riddles and find objects in order to make an escape from the Escape Room.

Available in Manchester, Liverpool and Chester.



7. Unleash your creativity in a life drawing class

Get creative as your hen party tries their hand at life drawing. A handsome male model will strip off and strike some poses and you and the group relax and have a few drinks whilst appreciating the male body. An art tutor will be on hand to offer some guidance as you work on your masterpiece (well, we hope it will be), which will later be given to the bride-to-be in a portfolio as a gift. 

Available in Manchester, Liverpool and Chester.



8. Get your dancing shoes on

Have you always wished you could look as sassy as Sandy when she makes her comeback in Grease? Or want to feel like a star doing the infamous Swayze-style lift like Baby in Dirty Dancing? All you have to do is pick your movie, or, if you’d prefer, you can become a 90’s babe or burlesque queen for the night. Then, you can choose the most convenient city-centre venue and professional choreographer will be arranged to meet you there and guide you through a fun-filled group routine.

Available in Manchester and Liverpool.


9. Take a weekend retreat in a yurt

If you wish to opt for an alternative hen-do, or just need to have some quality time with the girls away from the city, a weekend away glamping is the perfect solution.

You can head to a yurt, or some other form of glamping accommodation, in the Lancashire countryside and get away from the maddening crowds and enter a world of wide-open spaces, fresh air and long late-night chats with your best friends. Still with a touch of glamour, of course.

Available in the Lancashire countryside.  



10. Get the girls giggling with a couple of Butlers in the Buff

Butlers in the Buff will add some spice to your pre-drinks! Order a semi-naked butler to serve your hen party and ensure some cheeky giggles from the girls. Your butler in the buff will be specially trained to deliver all your wants. He will act as the perfect party host and waiter, making sure all your drinks are kept topped up, and the party games are flowing. It will certainly make it an occasion to remember.

Available in Manchester, Liverpool and Chester


Let us know via social media if you try any of the above on your hen do! We’d love to hear about it!

Guest Blog by Nikki Webb: My Makeup Artist, My New Best Friend…

Its all in the TITLE!!! 

What girl does not desire to have their very own Makeup Artist? Especially one that gets involved and shares wedding dreams with you. Well that is exactly what you get when booking Nikki Webb Makeup Artist to be apart of your wedding. 

Notice how I say Wedding and not Wedding Day… From the very first email, begins the plans. As a Bride you have your image. The Venue, the DRESS and the vision of exactly how you will look gliding down the aisle to your FUTURE HUSBAND….eekkk HUSBAND!! The whole experience is so magical, a dream come true!! 

From Pinterest to reality…

Now for me, its about bringing that to life for you. Its being at the end of an email at 2am when you wake up and need to share that idea…this has happened to me several times, I welcome it, I love all these little moments.

The screen shots, the pictures of random colours in shops, the Pintrest boards, it all makes the illusion become a reality. Imagine how many images I have from Brides that book wayyyyyy in advance, its awesome!! 

With the endless post-It notes, check lists and organiser journals being checked off, the meet beckons. WE MEET!! Sometimes this is for the first time, but every Bride is special. I never forget the first time. This is the big day in the making.

At a trial all the screenshots, ideas and inspiration becomes a reality. We talk, laugh and actually begin to feel like we’ve known each other longer than the cup of coffee its taken us to blurt every idea we have between us out. I love to hear all about the wedding theme, colours and that all important DRESS… 

Nikki Webb Make Up Artist

When you have so many ideas its so hard to break down exactly what you want but with all the talk of the big day and seeing the vision you become when you talk about your dream, my dream is easy.

My dream for each bride is to create the best version of themselves on their wedding day. Its creating that flawless glow, that is going to glide through the air on that very special date you will both remember forever, or at least you will and you will enjoy making the husband squirm each year after he’s forgotten AGAIN. 

(A little prayer for each Groom that he remembers the date!)

A little brush here, a sponge there, powder, lip and its YOU!! You on your wedding day. A vision of natural beauty, a bridal glow, a grown up little girl about to make all those years of dreaming and planning a dream come true. I love each Brides reaction. I have actually had tears… in a good way obviously.

We share a moment. A moment to take it all in. You move your face in different positions, smile, thrown and stare. I step back and wait. And just like that… a sigh of relief, YOU LOVE IT!!! I have created the look you imagined, exactly what you wanted. 

A makeup look that is 

  • not too much but enough
  • natural but not 
  • glam but not going out 

At this exact moment, I pause… I smile, I glow. I am living my dream and I get to share yours. 

Now we are practically best friends and I’m now the 6th Bridesmaid being in touch up until the wedding day seems more exciting. The messages become more frequent. The 2am ideas become, 12, 2, 4 and any other hour in the day panics, worry’s and woes.

I am here, right on the end of the phone, email, message and even social media memes I have been tagged in several times. I do not and never will think you are a Bridezilla. After all, If you can’t be bossy on your wedding day when can you??  

Its here! The Big Day…

Its a day that seems so surreal. Somewhat not a reality. But it is, and her I am enjoying your wedding morning with you and your bridal party. Makeup brushes at the ready, 1 bridesmaid, 2 bridesmaid and more. Everyone looks a picture. Fizz flowing, smiles glowing, pictures capturing and its time to get dressed. 

The butterflies kick in. Well nerves, but butterflies sound better. Just like that your stood in front of your bridal party, dressed in the most beautiful gown about to marry the man of your dreams. This moment fills me up with pride. As if your one of my own, in all honesty you are. You are one of my beautiful Brides. 

With a once over, touch up on the lip and a squirt of perfume, I send you on your way. Down the stairs, along the corridor and in to a room of gasps, wows and tears. He better be crying…otherwise your turning around to walk back in again, right? 

It’s a wrap. My time here is up. With a smile on my face, I drive away from your venue, away from the wedding I’ve heard so much about and wish you every happiness in the world. Another Beautiful Bride to add to my collection… 

…I longingly await you sending me your wedding day images. A glow. As sense of achievement. I did it. WE DID IT!! 

Until the next Bride…

…If you are looking for a Makeup Artist for your wedding day who WILL feel like the added member to your girl gang, get in touch!! 

I cannot wait xox 


Website – www.nikkiwebbmua.com 

Tel – 07833464223

Facebook – Nikki Webb Makeup Artist 

Instagram – nikkiwebbmua 

Cheshire Bridal Wear Closing Down Sale

We’re sad to see that the fabulous Cheshire Bridal Wear will be closing soon. They’re holding a huge closing down sale with some amazing discounts so if you’re looking for your dress, be sure to book in.


All Good Things…

It’s probably the one blog every business owner hopes to never write but sadly here we are! Cheshire Bridal Wear will be closing this winter, it’s been a heart-breaking decision to make and one that was not taken lightly but was for all the right reasons.

The last few years have been an incredible experience; we’ve met some amazing people at the very happiest time of their lives, and it has been a real joy to share in that journey with each and every one of our brides, however our journey is coming to an end and we are all absolutely devastated.

The most important thing for us now over the coming months, is to make sure all of our brides are taken care of and each and every one of them has the best of experience possible! 

We have a huge collection of over 200 dresses to clear from some incredible designers from home and away including Ronald Joyce, Eddy K, House of Mooshki, Grace Phillips and many more.

Bridesmaids dresses from Mark Lesley and Kelsey Rose and a great selection of accessories including shoes, veils, belts, tiaras and more!

All of this has to go and so we are announcing our Closing Down Sale, ranging in size from 8 to 20 these dresses will be discounted from 50% to 75% off retail prices with prices starting at £199.00!

Ronald Joyce

There are some incredible bargains to be had on some beautiful dresses that are sure to go quickly so be sure not to miss out!

Follow the link below or get in touch via phone or email to make your appointment today!





7 Top Wedding Trends You’ll Want to Follow in 2019/2020

Wedding trends can range from brilliant to bizarre, so it’s all about finding the ideas that suit your style.

From going green to getting creative with culinary treats, we’ve put together a round-up of the top 7 wedding trends set to make a storm in the coming seasons…


1. Statement Headpieces

From vintage diamanté hair clips to boho inspired flower garlands, in 2019, it’s all about the statement headpieces.

Whether you’re looking for something more decadent like a tiara or a more ethereal headband, with this trend making such a comeback, you’ll be spoiled for choice.


2. Going green

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that many brides will be opting for eco-friendly wedding ideas. More people are becoming environmentally conscious every year – even Princess Eugenie had a plastic-free wedding.

So how can you have a more eco-friendly wedding?

There are lots of little things you can do which are positive for the environment. Here are just a few ideas:

Recycled stationery – from invites to place cards using recycled materials is a great idea. You can even buy paper which contains seeds so your wedding can contribute beautiful flowers months after the big day!

Think local – when planning your wedding menu think about sourcing local fruits and vegetables or even go totally organic.

Seasonal flowers – natural weddings are in style at the moment so go for flowers which are ethically produced and in season. Planning your wedding around the natural products available is a beautiful way to help the environment. The British Flower Collective has a great guide to the right flowers for each season.


3. Bold Colours

Stepping away from the more traditional pastel colour pallets, more couples are opting for bold and vibrant hues.

Taking a bolder approach with colours can really add to the overall aesthetic and create a more vibrant look. Why not head to our Pinterest wedding theme board where you’ll find plenty of colour scheme inspo!


4. Getting back to nature

For a beautiful and completely customizable wedding, there’s no better place than the countryside. We’ve got good news for the wild at heart brides, with new regulations coming in it looks like 2019 and 2020 are the best years for an outdoor wedding!

In the future England is set to have laws similar to Scotland in regards to outdoor weddings, giving you much more freedom on where you have the big day. So from stretch tents to tipis, you can create the perfect outdoor wedding space.


5. Bringing outdoors in

Outdoor weddings are fantastic, but the English weather, not so much. So what’s your alternative? You can bring the outdoors inside of course!

We’re talking more than just your typical wedding flowers. Tailored greenery is likely to replace centerpieces at a lot of weddings in the next few years. Having indoor trees and bringing nature into your wedding could give you that perfect blend between natural and not freezing to death in the rain.


6. Getting technical

Wedding technology might sound a bit sci-fi but what we’re talking about is photography, videography  and cool effects. Couples are increasingly opting for drones to photograph or film their big day from the air! Perfect for an outdoor wedding.

Or if you want to transform your indoor video have a look into video mapping, it’s a new trend which is going to get big in 2019. You essentially have a projector which shines light or images onto the walls and floor, transforming your space however you want.


7. Finding your culinary creativity

While there’s nothing wrong with a traditional wedding breakfast, it looks like brides are getting more adventurous with their wedding menus. At the end of the day, you want your guests to remember your wedding as an incredible day and what’s an easy way to do that?

Have amazing food!

So how can you make sure your guests can’t stop talking about your wedding menu?

2019 and 2020 we’re going to see a lot of new ideas, from smaller plates replacing the big meal to give a wide range of options, to DIY food stations. Whatever your wedding menu is don’t be afraid to be a little adventurous!


To sum up

Now you’re armed with the best of the wedding trends of 2019 and 2020 you can start planning your dream wedding! Let us know what you think of these new trends, which ones are you crazy about? Or are you super traditional and want to stick to what you know? Talk to us on social media, we’d love to hear your thoughts!

Need some added wedding inspiration? Why not head to one of our many Wedding Fayres across the North West or check out our magazine here! Happy planning!

10 Wedding Entertainment Ideas to Make Your Day One to Remember

Your wedding is such a magical day, you look forward to it for months or even years, but your guests also look forward to celebrating with you. The wedding entertainment you choose can make it just that little bit different and exciting for your guests. In this article, we’re going to cover how you can ensure your big day stands out in each and every one of your guest’s memories!


1. A day at the fair

A wedding can sometimes feel like a circus, getting all of your family and friends in one place! Why not just embrace it? From funfair rides to circus performers, there’s a lot of ways to bring an element of showbiz to your big day. You could even go for a candyfloss and popcorn stall, or maybe have circus activities for the kids.


2. Make it a competition

With this one you can keep it traditional or go for something a little out there. Think axe throwing or space hopper races! You could also opt for British classics like egg and spoon races or welly wanging. For a British countryside wedding you can’t go wrong with elements of a posh sports day.


3. Dance the night away

Dancing at weddings is usually the same for every couple, your first dance followed by your guests joining you on the dance floor (with the dancing getting more entertaining as the night goes on!). However, you can change this up, lots of bridal parties now include surprise dance routines. Whether it’s the groom and his best men or the bride and her bridesmaids – showing off a fun dance routine is entertaining for everyone. You could even get everyone involved with a fun flash mob!


4. Cake-tainment

Ok so the title might not be catching on just yet, but we think using cake as a form of entertainment is a great idea! You can get your guests involved in baking cakes and bringing them to share, you could even crown a star baker. Having different awards or medals is a fun way of involving your guests whilst saving money. Or you could find other creative ways of bringing cake into your wedding like fun cupcakes, or a ‘decorate your own’ station.


5. Playing dress up

It’s becoming a common trend for weddings to have prop boxes for photos, but why not go the extra step? Have costumes for your guests to try on and pose in, or give the dance floor a bit of flare.


6. Alternative entertainment

A great way to be that little bit different is to have performers at your wedding. They can provide exciting entertainment to fit in with any theme. Fire dancers are great for an outdoor wedding or a magician for a wedding with a lot of little guests. This can also include musicians, maybe you really love rock or have a soft spot for reggae, consider hiring a band for a portion of the evening to play your favourite music.


7. Games for all the big kids

Big games are something we often have at garden parties, so why not a wedding? Big connect four or giant jenga are great options to entertain the big kids as well as the little guests. For the adults you could also try games like the shoe game or the newlyweds game to have a bit of fun with the newly married couple. Don’t forget about the childhood classics like musical chairs, stuck in the mud and tag!


8. Go big and create your own festival

We all love the atmosphere of a festival, if you’re getting married outdoors why not bring that to your wedding? Live music, wellies and beer are your key ingredients. But what else can you do for that festival feel? Think about having different purpose areas, for example a chill out zone or an area just for the kids. Plus you could end the night with a bang and set off some fireworks!


9. British countryside theme

Another fun one if you’re getting married outdoors or your venue has a nice garden space. How can you bring the British countryside into your wedding (more than just getting married in it)? Well for your entertainment you could have morris dancers or get everyone involved in a duck race! Think countryside pub or garden fete vibes.


10. Entertainment for the adults

Most weddings already provide adult entertainment, it’s called a bar. Although you can get more creative with this. How about an ice sculpture that acts as a luge for vodka? Or decorative jelly shots and boozy desserts? Prosecco bars with glitter and champagne topper options is another classy way to entertain your guests. If you want to go all out you could have your own cocktail bar and a signature cocktail just for your wedding!


We hope you have fun planning your wedding entertainment! Connect with us on our social media channels below and let us know if you used any of our ideas in your big day.

Getting Married Abroad? Here’s our Destination Wedding Checklist

Planning a destination wedding can feel like a huge challenge. Making a wedding planning checklist for a wedding near home is difficult enough, add in all the extra stresses of a destination wedding and it might feel overwhelming.

Have no fear! We’re here to help! We’re going to give you our ultimate destination wedding checklist to help your wedding abroad go as smoothly as possible.

All weddings abroad run on different timelines. So we’re not going to give you deadlines, our checklist will instead help you with all the tasks that need to get done in each stage of planning a destination wedding, no matter what your timeline is.


The planning phase

– The first thing you need to decide is your budget. Destination weddings come with more expenses such as travel and accommodation. Choose your budget wisely, think about who is contributing and how much you can realistically afford on the venue, dress, food etc.

– Once you’ve worked out your budget you can move on to the more fun things like picking a destination!

– Choose your wedding date.

– Choose your guests. This might take some time and depend a lot on the budget. Also think hard about who is going to be able to come to your wedding abroad based on the location (older relatives, for example, might not make it to a wedding on an African safari).

– Send out save the date cards as soon as possible. Most people need time to plan a trip abroad, so the more notice you give the more people will be able to make it. Of course, for the relatives you don’t like you could always forget to send them a save the date!

– Hire a wedding planner – if you really want a stress free destination wedding then you need a planner. Preferably one experienced at weddings in your chosen country.

– Find out exactly what you need to get married in your chosen location. Every country has different requirements so it’s important to find this out sooner rather than later.

– Check both your passports are up to date and order new ones if you need to.

– Secure your wedding venue and honeymoon suite. If you have the time and budget you might want to go and visit your potential locations. If this isn’t possible, make sure you’re choosing a well-reviewed location with plenty of pictures and preferably videos of the venue.

– Choose your wedding party.


The organisation phase

– Design and send out your invites – make sure to keep track of who can make it to the wedding (remember spreadsheets are your friends).

– Send out accommodation and flight details to all of your guests.

– Find the perfect wedding dress! Before you start looking make sure you know the temperatures in your chosen location, this is going to affect your choice of dress. Destination wedding dresses take some thought as if you’ve chosen a hot country you don’t want to be sweating all day!

– Organise your wedding day transport, if you are travelling to somewhere other than your hotel.

– Purchase your flight tickets well in advance.

– Book transport from the airport to your hotel.

– Get any vaccines you may need.

– Consider booking your honeymoon in advance to get the best deals, or if your honeymoon is in the same location as your wedding plan some fun activities for just the two of you.

– Discuss the vendors with your wedding planner. Mostly you want them all to be based in the country you’re getting married in to make life easier. If you’ve chosen a hotel they may also have a lot of in house vendors or can give you advice on the best local vendors.

– Book everything in advance as much as possible. So choose your photographer and spend the time picking your menu and finding the right wedding cake early.

– Get your bridal party organised. Bridesmaid dresses, suits and check everyone has a passport.

– Book a DJ or a band.

– Choose and book your officiant.

– Plan your hen and stag parties.

– Think about other events around your wedding, are you going to have brunch the following day or activities for your guests to take part in?


The ‘we’re not going to panic’ phase

The important thing to remember is that you are marrying the person you love. It might seem stressful now but no matter what happens your wedding day will be amazing! Here a few details you can deal with to try and stay calm in the run-up to the wedding:

– Buy your wedding accessories – always a fun task!

– Get your rings, an important decision make sure you choose a ring you want to wear forever!

– Plan your honeymoon.

– Create a kick-ass playlist for your wedding (if you’ve gone for a DJ).

– Book a hairstylist and makeup artist.

– Create your seating chart.

– Write your wedding vows.

– Choose readings for your ceremony and choose guests to read them aloud.

– Decide on your first dance.

– Take time out to look after yourself. Read bridal magazines in a bubble bath or have a wine night with your girlfriends but decide not to talk about the wedding! Sometimes you need to take your mind off things.

– Have fun at your hen party! Use the night to blow off steam and take your mind off the stress of wedding planning.


The final details phase

– Start packing.

– Confirm all of your vendors.

– Check all the legal documents and that you have everything you need to get married.

– Send any decorations or anything you can’t take on the plane to the wedding coordinator.

– Pick up your wedding dress.

– Organise welcome bags and letters.

– Check all of your guests have flights and accommodation sorted.

– Don’t drive yourself crazy double checking everything. Have a spreadsheet with all the important tasks and vendors listed. Tick them off once they are organised and then use this phase to tick each one off when you have checked them one final time.


Crossing the finish line

– Most brides head out to the location a little before the wedding to help organise everything. Check the venue and decorations are all in order.

– Hair and make-up trial.

– Be pampered! Use this time to relax and also looking your best for the wedding. Manicures and spa days are perfect!

– Sleep! Get plenty of sleep and drink lots of water in the run up to the wedding. You want to look your best.

– Deep breaths everyone.

– On your wedding day, the most important thing is to enjoy it. You want to remember this day as being amazing for the rest of your life. Try not to get caught up on the details. If you’ve followed this checklist you shouldn’t have forgotten anything. However, no one is perfect. If something does go wrong on the day try to stay calm and don’t let a small thing get in your way. Let go and enjoy the party!

Hooray! You’ve done it. That was so easy, right? Maybe not, but we hope our destination wedding checklist has helped you put some order into the madness which is international weddings. Have an incredible wedding and let us know if our checklist helped you via social media!

What to Expect When Buying a Wedding Dress

Now that the perfect person has popped the question and the answer was a resounding YES! That exiting time has come to choose your wedding dress!

To help you along we here’s a round-up of tips and common questions…

Before your appointment

Have a think about your budget and the type of dress you’re looking for. This will give you an idea when booking an appointment with a boutique and help them to get an idea of the styles to pick out for you.

Wedding Date

This is obviously crucial information! Most brides start looking for their wedding dress one year to eighteen months in advance of their big day. However, some can start to plan six or even only three months before, which when planned well is still plenty of time to get everything organised depending on your suppliers. In wedding dress terms the usual minimum order time is six months before the wedding day. However, there are many variations to this. Check with the shop first.


One of the things a boutique will ask is if you have thought about your wedding dress budget.

Many brides have not really thought about it at this point, but to give an estimate on average dresses range from £600 to about £4500 with the majority being between £1000 and £2000.

When choosing where to visit we would advise giving a shop your intended budget, even if they do not ask for it, in order to avoid any potentially difficult situations.


It is a good idea to have a look through magazines or Pinterest to get an idea of the kind of bridal style you prefer. However, this could all change when you start trying them on so it’s always good to be open to new styles.

At your appointment

Who to bring

We always suggest that you bring with you a trusted friend or relative (or two) who really knows you. Although it is tempting, if you bring all your friends and family you also bring with you a lot of very different opinions and in these early stages it can get quite confusing. Try to remember that the only opinion that really counts is yours.

What happens next? – The Decision

this depends entirely on you. If you have decided on ‘The One’ then you will be measured for your dress. if you have a shortlist you will have another appointment to try them again. This is very helpful as you can see them with fresh eyes; very often the first appointment is so full it can be hard to remember which dresses had which details and which you liked best. Don’t worry; we keep a detailed record of your appointment so you have everything ready for your next session when you go in.


Your final fittings will take place starting six weeks before the wedding to account for any last minute changes in shape; your final fitting will be about a week before. Obviously, all of the above are worked around each individual bride’s requirements in order to make the experience as simple as can be.

Words by The Wedding Shop

Knowsley Hall Weddings

As soon as you drive through the main gates into the private walled estate, you will be truly mesmerised by the size and beauty of the grounds. You will be welcomed by our dedicated team as you walk up the stairs into the entrance. The Hall is exclusively yours for the day to enjoy all the rooms in the house as well as the terrace which offers stunning views across the manicured gardens and lake.

You can exchange your vows in the majestic splendour of our Stucco Ballroom. This room exudes romance with its gold encrusted leaf craftsmanship and original fireplace.

Your guests can enjoy reception drinks and canapés on the terrace overlooking the stunning grounds. The vast outdoor space allows you to capture many different and dramatic backdrops for your wedding photographs. If the weather is not good then celebrate in the fine grandeur of the Walnut Drawing Room surrounded by family photographs, original oak panelling and fireplace, giving that feel of a lived in country house. The room with its warm lighting and cosy seating and views across the manicured gardens give your guests that relaxed feeling of being in their own home for the day.

Once you are ready to sit down for your wedding breakfast, you will be welcomed into the magnificent State Dining Room through the huge solid oak doors as Mr & Mrs. Your wedding party will dine on a sumptuous menu and tasted and approved by The Earl and Countess of Derby themselves – planned by you in collaboration with our team of expert chefs and created with ingredients sourced fresh where possible from the Knowsley Estate.

There are 15 bedrooms in the Hall which have all been individually designed by The Countess of Derby herself and are immaculately maintained to a high standard by our team of housekeepers. Knowsley Hall is the only stately home in the country to be awarded 5* gold standard by Visit Britain so you can rest assure that your stay will be one to truly remember.

Luxury authentic Stately house, home to The Earl and Countess of Derby. Enjoy exclusive hire of the Hall giving you the opportunity to feel like the house is yours for the day.

The Hall is set in over 2,500 of landscape gardens offering you numerous places to have your wedding photographs taken. Your guests can enjoy the views of the gardens on our terrace whilst enjoy drinks and canapés

In-house chef – you will be invited to a complimentary wedding breakfast tasting when you get to try our delicious dishes made by our in-house chef. All our food is locally sourced where possible.

Fully licensed for marriages and civil partnerships, enjoy your wedding ceremony in the beautiful surroundings of our Stucco Ballroom.

All our 15 bedrooms have been awarded 5* by Visit Britain. Lady Derby has individually designed all the rooms herself making that overnight stay very special.

Our dedicated wedding team and house staff work together to make sure the house is always immaculate and well maintained – we even close the Hall for 2 weeks every year to give it a full spring clean.


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Address: Prescot, Merseyside, L34 4AG
Telephone Number: 0151 489 4827
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