All about wedding shoes

The Glass Slipper

It is probably one of the most important parts of the wedding day, but not seen unless you are posing for that garter leg shot photograph.


Your shoes

They need to look good, feel comfortable, give you just enough height without towering above your new husband or when greeting your guests, and be able to dance the first dance without falling over.  They should be just as comfortable after 12 hours on your feet as when you first put them on; all this is a lot to find in a pair of shoes.

Here are some things to consider when choosing your perfect pair of shoes for your wedding day.

You will be posing for photos all day, some of which will be indoors on carpet, laminate or old wooden floors.  Weather permitting, you will be outside having photos taken on grass, flags or concrete tarmac, and your heels might sink into the ground.  You might be going abroad and wanting your photos taken on a beach.  You will be standing on all kinds of floor surfaces, so choosing the right shoes will make all those small challenges much more easily managed.

Comfort first

Consider buying shoes that have built-in extra padding, Rainbow Club shoes offer an extremely comfortable range with extra width fittings.  They are great for half sizes, and even have shoes in sizes 9 and 10.

Killer heels

Whether brides want to gain a little height or wear killer heels, new styles from companies like Benjamin Adams have great designs.  You can have built-in platforms or dolly round toes with 4 inch heels, which all look very sexy.

Getting married on a beach

This plays havoc with your heels, so consider a pair of wedges.  Else, which is a part of the Rainbow Club, has a lovely style called Lambada which have toe posts for an open sandal look.  Or you can try satin ballet slippers for that soft natural look.

Which fabric to choose silk or satin?

Traditionally, silk and satin are the most popular fabrics used for bridal shoes.  Your shoes can make a big difference to how you feel on the day, so if luxury and keeping everything matching is important, the silk option is the one to take. If you are trying to keep costs down, satin shoes can be a great move. They look great, will co-ordinate beautifully and who will know they are not silk?

Bear in mind when you are going to buy shoes, whether or not you will be wearing any hosiery on the day.  If you aren’t, try the samples with bare feet. If your feet are tired and swollen from your days searching, ask yourself if your feet are going to swell up on the day?  If so, allow for this when purchasing your new shoes.

Don’t forget to wear your new shoes in before the wedding day to avoid having to wear those emergency plasters.  Finally, remember you can always buy a second pair of comfortable flat shoes for the evening, just in case you did opt for the killer heels.

Words by Carol James at Fairytale Brides

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