Alan harding: Images on a tight budget

When you hear the phrase ”cheap wedding photography” some people think of a poor service, basic equipment being used, low quality and poor customer service. It is rare that the image of Good Service, Good Price and high quality comes to mind.

That is true in a lot of cases, the phrase “you pay for what you get” will apply to most service suppliers that you will encounter.

Here’s some great news this is not the case with us!

Why? Because I am passionate about what I do and love to take wedding photography.

There are Wedding Photographers who charge the earth for their packages who are happy with doing 20 to 30  weddings a year. I prefer to offer low cost wedding photography, undertaking many more weddings per month and working on smaller profits, as it keeps me busy doing what I am passionate about.

Because I offer low cost Wedding Photography it does not mean a poor service or low quality, in fact quite the reverse by offering a Good Service, Great Prices and high quality photographs, I was rewarded,  Images Photography was voted by our clients County Brides Best Photographer for 2012.

If you would like a quote for providing you with some great value photography for your wedding, feel free to e mail me today, or call me on 07885971211

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