Advice on a Gift List

mGBT3nMFor those couples who already have a home together before they get married a gift list reduces the risk of an unwanted or duplicated gift, or they may prefer to ask for vouchers or money towards a big purchase for their home, but if they have only just moved in together the couple might need everything from a tin opener to a duvet so registering a gift list can be an ideal way to make sure that they will get a range of useful presents. Sending out a gift list with the wedding invitations could be problematic and the bride and groom would need to keep on top of who has given them which gift so that the correct thank you cards could be sent after the wedding. It is an easier option to register a wedding list with a specialist company or department store so that all the details are taken care of. When placing their list, the bride and groom need to be confident that their guests will be guided through their choices by professional staff, whether their budget is ten pounds or a hundred. National companies will be able to send the chosen gifts anywhere and are most likely to have a tracking facility, should something not arrive. If the couple choose an online gift registry they should ensure that it is easy to use and has flexibility to choose from a range of gifts at different price points. Check what the exchange or refund policy is in case a guest does manage to go off track and make a more creative choice, perhaps from the right store, but not from the list. This should ensure that the couple don’t start their married life with lots of things that will just gather dust or will end up on auction sites after the wedding. Stores may offer reward schemes or incentives to couples to encourage them to place their list, as it is a very competitive market, so it pays to shop around before making the final decision.


[image courtesy of Michaela Kobyakov]