High School Sweethearts

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       “The fourth venue we visited was the Marriott Worsley Park Hotel and Country Club.  We fell in love with it immediately.  The setting was perfect. The hotel ballroom opened out onto a courtyard; it was stunning.”

Mike and I met eight years ago.  It was coming up to Christmas and we were both out for work parties at the same place.  He was a friend of a colleague; we instantly caught each other’s eye.  Mike made the first move and plucked up the courage to come over to me.  He remembers using his best chat-up line: ‘Hey Baby…’ I do not remember it happening quite like that.  It would have been very out of character for Mike, but he insists he said it!  Our relationship grew stronger from that day.  Mike told me he loved after just three days!

Mike proposed to me two years later, on my eighteenth birthday.  He promised to love and treasure me forever whilst down on one knee.  How could a girl say no to that?  We both knew we were too young to get married and so decided to take things slow and have a long engagement.  I knew that Mike would be the man I would marry, so it didn’t matter.  Of course I said yes – the ring was beautiful!  It was two solitaire cut diamonds set on a 24 carat white gold band.  It was stunning.

It was easy to tell the family about our engagement, they adored Mike.  He had made a great first impression.  They were all very excited for us!  My parents had planned a family birthday party for me.  To our surprise, when we arrived at the house, it had been turned into a double celebration with the added engagement party.  The whole family arrived and we drank champagne all night.  It felt like the best day of my life, I was beaming!  I didn’t think anything could top the way I felt that day!

We decided to live together first.  Shortly after the engagement, we bought our first house. It was a two-up two-down terrace that we immediately fell in love with.  It was perfect!

We decided to marry in 2010 after discussions with our parents.  Mum said that it had a nice ring to it!  We announced it at a family barbeque held at my grandparents’ house.  Mum had exclaimed, “We have some exciting news. There is going to be a wedding in the family!”  Everyone turned to us and screamed with excitement.  I will always remember my Aunt Sue’s reaction.  There could not have been anybody more excited!  Mum was beaming.

 It was lovely. We wanted to get ahead of ourselves and so we began to look at venues.  We decided we wanted a church wedding and stay close to home.  We embarked on our journey and attended wedding fayres, visited parks and trawled the internet and newspapers.  The fourth venue we visited was the Marriott Worsley Park Hotel and Country Club.  We fell in love with it immediately.  The setting was perfect.  The hotel ballroom opened out onto a courtyard; it was stunning.  We could picture our wedding day there, so we immediately pencilled in a booking for the summer of 2010.

Once we confirmed the date, we began planning for the big day.  We gave ourselves twelve months and planned a month by month to-do list.

In the first few weeks, we collated pictures and jotted down our ideas.  We met with the event dressers and started to plan.  Deciding on a theme and colour scheme twelve months in advance was the most difficult task.  There were so many ideas out there.  We needed to make a decision quickly as everything else would follow the theme. 

We decided we wanted a calm and subtle theme with neutral colours.  The theme was natural and traditional.  We decided on an ivory and pale green colour scheme with rose flowers to compliment it.  Together, we came up with a beautiful trailing rose and crystal design for the centrepiece, with candles and crystals on the tables.  The design was very simple yet elegant.

Everything else followed this theme and the shopping trips began!  My sisters, all of whom were my bridesmaids, were extremely supportive from the very beginning.

Everything seemed to fall into place.  My dress and the bridesmaids’ dresses had been tried, tested and ordered.  The groom and his men were suited and booted.  The photographer and the cars were booked.  The cake was ordered.  The wedding singer and all-round entertainer were booked.  It had all been arranged very quickly.  It felt like it was meant to be!  We seemed to come to a standstill until closer to the day, when all that was left was the finalising of details and arrangements.

Mike was assigned one job – the honeymoon.  It was a surprise which made it extra special.  Mike is very good at these things.  He is very thoughtful and always finds amazing places.  I was not worried in the slightest.  I love surprises; it was nice to look forward to something special that Mike had arranged just for us.

The weekend of the wedding finally arrived.  We checked in at the hotel to begin our weekend-long celebration.  The weekend started with a round of golf at the hotel for Mike, his best man, my dad and Mike’s dad, at the 18 hole championship course the hotel was set on.  Meanwhile, my mum, bridesmaids and I retreated to the spa to enjoy a relaxing afternoon.  We all met for dinner at the country club part of the hotel.  We sat outside wining and dining all evening!  Mike and I parted ways before the clock struck 12.  The hotel was perfect for the occasion.  They tended to our every need!

The big day arrived.  The weather had taken a turn for the worse, but surprisingly it hadn’t phased me.  I couldn’t believe that it was my wedding day!

The wedding ceremony at St Mark’s Church, Worsley began at 3pm.  We had the whole morning to pamper ourselves in hair and make up. The two flower girls had loved it; I think it was because it made them feel grown up.  They were angels on the day, it was lovely to see them so excited.  It was great to have my mum and all my bridesmaids around me, getting ready together.  It was such a special feeling, just what you need to keep your nerves at bay!

The day could not have gone any better, apart from the rain!  The forecast had been for sunny spells that weekend, but heavy rain fell at the exact wrong time.  Surprisingly, it hadn’t bothered me.  I was on such a high that nothing brought me down!  I was told it was good luck for the bride if it rained on her wedding day!

The ceremony was perfect.  We managed to get all the photographs we wanted, including some outdoor shots.  The photographer, Mr Shane Webber, was absolutely amazing.  When we first saw his work, we instantly knew that his way of working and the images he was able to capture was the way we wanted our wedding to be captured. Sure enough, he delivered.  His presence and support on the day couldn’t have been greater!  We both knew we made the best choice with Shane.

The hotel exceeded all our expectations; the wedding breakfast was beautifully prepared and presented.  All the guests commented on how nice it was.  The hotel staff ensured the day went smoothly and perfectly – it really had.  Everything worked well.  The whole day ran to schedule but at the same time flowed nicely.

The evening entertainment had been hosted by Mr John Norcott, a DJ and singer.  He was out of this world!  We couldn’t have found a better entertainer.  He sang a beautiful version of Lonestar’s ‘Amazed’ as Mike and I had our first dance.  It was perfect.

I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect wedding.  We received kind wishes from all our guests.  I will always remember my best friend’s words, “You are the fairytale.” Perfect.



Supplier List for High School Sweethearts

  •  Venue: Marriott Worsley Park Hotel and Country Club – 0161 975 2000
  •  Photographer: Shane Webber –  07500 872341   
  •  Chocolate Fountain – Augustus Gloop – Tel: 07940 229151
  •  Stephen Saunders Toast Master – 01942 879569

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