A Picture speaks a thousand words

Choosing the wedding photographer that’s right for you.

When your wedding day is over, when the final guests have left and the last of the confetti has blown away, all that will remain of your special day is your wedding photographs. For years to come, your wedding album will chart the progress of your special day. A beautifully photographed album will be appreciated by everyone from proud parents to children not yet born.

Bearing this in mind, it is essential that you don’t underestimate the importance of using a professional photographer. One of the most critical elements in achieving a successful outcome to your wedding photography is preparation.

Choosing the wedding photographer that’s right for you isn’t like selecting the bride’s wedding gown or choosing the flowers because you can’t see the pictures you’re buying until after you’ve made the decision.

Research is therefore paramount. You’ll need to decide which style of photography you like best. Generally there are two typed of wedding photography – traditional and photojournalism. The former consists of  posed photographs whilst the latter tells a pictorial story, which focuses more on natural and action shots that capture the unique flavour of your day. Of course, a professional photographer worth his or her salt should be able to produce both. But you will need to discuss exactly what you want before your big day.

A skilled professional photographer will also possess the ability to blend seamlessly into your day. Working with you and your guests, an expert photographer will know how to get the best from everyone – even unruly children and camera shy guests. a professionals ability to relax everyone and get the best from them can make or break your wedding photographs.

Before you make your decision, ask to see examples of your potential photographer’s work. Don’t be afraid to ask lots of questions.

And finally, a good photographer should be able to offer you professional and helpful guidance without taking the decision making process away from you. Remember it’s your wedding and your photographs, so make sure you get exactly what you want.

Words by Kevin Osborne

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  • Kevin Timmons says:

    So true, you should always try to make sure that your wedding photographer is trained in wedding photography, if he or she is trained in this field then they will be able to help plan the day with you.
    “A wedding photographer will know the timing of the days events better than anyone else…”

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