A New Idea in Gift List Registry

It is usual for a Gift List to be a part of a couples’ wedding planning, whether they already have a home together or not. A Gift List can be registered at lots of high street stores and online shops, but couples looking for a different experience might want to consider Thankful.com, an open-platform registry that promises choice for its customers and a wonderful experience for their guests, based around the concept of Gratitude when celebrating one of life’s milestones.
Millions of thoughtful gifts are exchanged every year, from the unexpected bunch of flowers to the ideal christening gift or wedding present. Thoughtful helps to create an individual and personalised registry, where all of the details are in one place, the gift list can easily be a mixture of traditional gifts, honeymoon vouchers, experiences and charitable donations, with the added advantage of guests being able to use any currency and choose form any store or online retailer. Each Registry is completely private, with users setting up a password so that only their guests can have access, and a personal cover photo for the Registry can also be uploaded.
Thankful can also be used for other events such as new babies or special birthdays and as it is providing a service, rather than selling items, it gives freedom to choose form any preferred retailer. Thankful also has inspiration for customers setting up a gift list registry and even a useful tool to manage the Thank You notes after the event. Customers can opt for a free trial to see how it all works before making a commitment and Thankful also work to heighten awareness of the global issue of early marriage which for some girls in the developing world can mean the loss of their childhood and an end to their education as they bring up a family.
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