Guest Blog by Nikki Webb MUA: A lockdown Bride to be…

Tuesday, May 12th, 2020
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Here’s Make-up Artist, Nikki Webb’s, top tips on planning your wedding in lockdown…

WOW…Where did that come from? A national lockdown! Now we have unexpected time to reflect and catch up on all the things we have struggled to find the time to do. 

With the weeks passing us by all spent at home, for some of us its been nice to take some time out and relax. 

It has been a crazy time for many of us in the wedding world! I am Nikki Webb, I usually offer wedding hair and makeup, however since March I have barely done my own hair and makeup. You will have noticed this if you follow me on my socials. 

So what can we do during lockdown? Especially if you’re a bride looking to fill your time with some wedding planning! Whether your wedding has been postponed or is planned in another year or two, now is the time to make the most of the relaxed planning – Let’s carry on together!

Lets PLAN – Order those all important wedding magazines online! You can find the County Brides one here

Lets LIST – I am a huge list lover, lists for lists! This is a great time to get on top of those. Make a list of everything you need, then everything you want. These are absolutely two different lists, although mine would be similar, much to the other half’s annoyance. 

If you’re a bride who has postponed your wedding, see this as additional time to get those important loose ends tied up, maybe add that extra special ‘want’!

If you are in the early stages of planning, what better way to get through the lockdown than get excited about your plans. Talk to your desired suppliers, no time is too early to ask for your date!

Let’s EXPLORE – Usually our diaries will be full to the brim with wedding fayres. I love a wedding fayre, you get to enjoy meeting everyone face to face, ask those questions you feel silly about writing down in an email and grab a treat or two. 

I have loved seeing so many bridal magazines creating online wedding fairs for us all to enjoy. My honest advice at a wedding fair is always to go home and follow the suppliers you meet on social media. I stand by it especially during these times! 

Let’s get SOCIAL – Go!!…Set up a wedding account, fill it with wedding spam! You will see all the suppliers you have met, post anything and everything about your wedding ideas and plans without taking over your friend’s newsfeeds. I feel like you will naturally gravitate towards the suppliers who will help to fulfil your wedding dreams. Obviously, you are already following me for your wedding hair and makeup…for those brides that are not, you must have been busy, get following @nikkiwebbmua and Nikki Webb Makeup Artist 😉

Let’s TALK – Now your following every supplier within at 20 mile radius of your wedding venue, the ideas will be rolling in. Ask all those questions you have! We are all at home, all ready and waiting to help you with your wedding plans. Get those inboxes going wild with your questions and wants! 

Let’s TALK MORE – Whilst trials and wedding meetings are on hold, this does not mean contact with me at NIKKI WEBB HAIR & MAKEUP ARTIST is. I continue to be working with my Brides, new and postponed.

Let’s make those plans together for your wedding hair and makeup. Let’s talk about your mother in law, who is worried about having her makeup done for the first time. Send me the looks that have taken your eye, let me see your wedding dress and let’s get planning your big day. After all it is still your special day! We just have the opportunity now to fine tune every little detail. 

Lets BOOK – Book those suppliers your drawn to! Tick off those lists and let us get planning your big day!

You can visit my website for all things bridal hair and makeup, drop me a message and lets talk about you joining my upcoming brides!

Happy planning!

Nikki xxx

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