A Designer Wedding by Rachel Wood Designs


After more than ten years of helping brides achieve the perfect look for their big day, where does a designer begin when it comes to designing her own wedding.


Choosing the suppliers I would use for my own wedding was a daunting task. The biggest decision was the dress. Did I want a flamboyant gown or a simple dress to show off my own handmade accessories? Who do I trust to guide my choices of what is right for me for my big day?

It would have been the practical choice to immediately ask my close friend, Mandy Elizabeth, to make my wedding dress. We work together, but I didn’t want to choose my dress or designer based on geography or loyalty. To be fair to myself, I decided not to make any rash decisions. I put my bride head on and started visiting bridal shops to see what everyone else could offer.I quickly realised the most important elements of the dress were a flattering cut for my body shape, quality workmanship, and it had to be produced in the UK by a British designer. 

After much searching, I decided Brides by Mandy Elizabeth was the clear choice. She is a confident designer, a skilled professional with a friendly approach and has an excellent reputation. “The bonus was that she understood my personality, and would be able to conjure up unique ideas to enhance my individual gown that would reflect my style

My three beautiful bridesmaids had different hair colours, skin types and body shapes. The solution was to create three different gowns in separate colours that were individual to each girl’s personality. This could have been a huge headache but Mandy turned the problem around into a design triumph, and the girls looked fantastic.

My beautiful gown of pale gold Thai silk, lace motifs discovered in Paris was beyond my wildest dreams. . My mum’s thirty year old lace edged circular veil looked as if it had been made with the dress. The finishing touch was a creation of my own – a Swarovski crystal tiara made from strings of beads worn by my grandmother on her wedding day.

Looking back, I don’t think I was too difficult a customer but I did find myself needing more guidance than I had envisaged. Thanks to Mandy, our dresses were everything I’d ever dreamed of.

Words: Mandy Elizabeth, the retailer.

When Rachel Wood chose me to design and make her gown, it was taken as a personal compliment. It would be a pleasure but also a pressure! I knew it would be necessary to draw on all my artistic reserves and that this customer would certainly want her own ‘creative input’!

Words: Rachel Wood, the bride.

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