A Bride’s Bouquet

A bride's bouquet

Bouquet designed by Red Floral Architecture. Photography by Jeff Langhorne.

A bride’s bouquet is one of the most special things that she will choose. The colour combination, choice of blooms, and materials mean that every bride’s bouquet looks unique and a really shows off her own style. Large flowers look impressive, but they can be heavy if they have thick stems, so using fewer of them could be the answer. Some flowers such as lilies will have pollen that can stain, so ensure that the stamens are removed by the florist to avoid any falling pollen ruining your gown. Look for seasonal flowers where possible as they will be fresher and longer lasting and ask your florist about the suitability of different blooms if you want to have your bouquet preserved or dried after the wedding. High quality faux silk flowers look really convincing and will last for years after the event, so if you simply must have orchids out of season, or tropical frangipani flowers, this could be an option.

A bride’s bouquet can also be embellished with more than just greenery, with silver twigs, jewelled decorations, brooches, vintage buttons, lace and wire elements all contributing to a highly decorative, structured or stylised look. Silk flowers also come in a myriad of shades so may be easier to match to a colour theme if you don’t want to have something contrasting. You might also consider making up your own bouquet with foam, silk or wooden flowers; matching the shades to the bridesmaids dresses and the grooms waistcoat or tie. Female guests could be given one of the flowers from the bouquet as a corsage and male guests another as a buttonhole, with bridesmaids or flower girls carrying a scaled down version of the bride’s bouquet.

Whether you choose roses or Sweet William, orange blossom or gerberas; if you love your bouquet then it will be just perfect.