7 Fab Liverpool Themed Wedding Ideas

Getting married in Liverpool? For a lot of people, Liverpool is more than somewhere they live. It’s so iconic in our culture, from the Beatles to football, Liverpool is known across the globe. If you call this city home, or maybe just hold fond memories there, then it’s a great idea to include nods to the city in your wedding!


1. The Beatles

Of course, the Beatles had to be at the top of this list! The music Liverpool is most famous for. There’s lots of ways you can incorporate John, Paul, George and Ringo into your special day. They have plenty of romantic songs you could choose as your first dance or as your party music later in the night. You could even get a nice mellow or instrumental version of one of their hits to walk up the aisle to.

2. Curate a local playlist

The Beatles aren’t the only band Liverpool has ever produced. A great option to show your love for your favourite city is by creating a Liverpool playlist for your wedding reception. You’ve got some great bands to choose from. Get a little alternative with Echo & the Bunnymen, or old school with Frankie Goes to Hollywood. Maybe you love The Zutons or you’re ready to rock out to metal music with Carcass. Whatever your music tastes you’ll definitely find it in Liverpool.


3. Serve the best booze around

Well this one is a no brainer. Getting married in Liverpool? You obviously need some Liverpool booze right? The Ginsmiths of Liverpool are a particularly great choice. They’ve got a fantastic range of gins including Valencian Orange and even Marshmallow. Your guests are sure to love a Liverpudlian tipple. 


4. Iconic landmarks

The Liverpool skyline is such an iconic one, why not include it in some of your decor? You could have it on your invites or place cards. It’s easy to include this design without it being too in your face or gimmicky. If you’re going for a very subtle theme then this is a great option for you. Even if its just outlines of the Albert Dock or the cathedrals – it can really make an invite pop.


5. Set the tone with your venue

There are so many great places to choose from in Liverpool.  From the stunning The Isla Gladstone Conservatory to the traditional Knowsley Hall, you’re sure to find the perfect venue. If you want to go as Liverpudlian as possible (and you’re having a smallish wedding) you could even rent out the Cavern Club! What could be a better place for a die hard Beatles fan to celebrate their nuptials? 

Photo Credit: About Today Photography


6. Eat local

Liverpool has some great traditional foods to choose from. If you want to really stick with the theme you could serve a bowl of Scouse stew in the evening as a snack between all the dancing or even opt for wet nelly as your dessert. You also don’t have to do something that big to include local food in your wedding. You could just use something small and simple like everton mints as your wedding favours. Whatever you decide using locally sourced produce is always a lovely way to include your favourite place in your wedding. 


7. Team colours

If you’re both into your football, why not add a tribute to one of the city’s iconic clubs? You can be as subtle or out there as you like with this one, depending on how great your love for your team is!


So there you have it, everything you need to know to throw a Liverpool themed wedding party! Why not choose something small on this list if you’re not keen on a themed wedding? Then your guests still feel included in the local area and you’ll give them great memories of your favourite city! On the other hand, those of you that live and breathe Liverpool, feel free to go mad and use every idea on this list, just make sure to send us pictures on our social media channels after!


The cover image for this blog was by About Today Photography.