Choosing your wedding DJ

djWould you allow a venue to choose your wedding dress?

Your wedding dress is one of the most personal purchases of your life. It must fit like a dream, dazzle your partner and have all your wedding guests talking about it for years to come. You want your dress to be the bench mark that all your friends compare every other dress too.

Your entertainment, like your dress should reflect your taste and personality. You and your partner should be able to tailor the styles of music provided to suit you and your guests so that your wedding entertainment is talked about for years to come (but for all the right reasons!!!).

So when so much attention to detail is taken when deciding on the dress and venue why leave your entertainment to chance. Many brides just simply accept the “Free DJ” that comes as part of the wedding package. To start with the “DJ” that is often included in a wedding package is definitely not free, you will be paying for it and often the venue will be earning a commission on top of the DJ fee. Generally speaking the venue will not have a resident DJ he/she will be provided through an agency and often you will not know who it will be until the week before your wedding (if at all).

There are many fantastic “resident DJ’s” but there are also some lets say not so good DJs (just to be polite).

If you do decide to go with the package DJ here are some all important questions to ask the venue;

  • Who is the DJ?
  • Does the DJ specialise in weddings?
  • Can I contact him/her or check out his/her website?
  • Will they take requests?
  • Where can I find testimonials or any personal recommendations?

If the venue cannot give answers to these questions I would advise finding your own entertainment. It is too late at midnight when your wedding party has dispersed asking where did you find the DJ? He didn’t take any requests, no-one danced all night, what was he wearing? And why did he dress up as Elvis?!!! (Believe me this has happened!)

If providing your own entertainment this will generally not be a problem with any venue as long as your entertainer has Public Liability Insurance and their equipment is fully PAT tested.

After performing at approximately 1000 weddings I have heard many stories of “The DJ” thankfully I have had a great deal of feedback from both venues and happy couples regarding the services I have provided and am always happy to provide contact details of people I have worked for.

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