5 Original Ways to Use Social Media At Your Wedding 

Tuesday, February 4th, 2020

Marriage today is very different from what it was just 10 years ago… Weddings are now arguably a lot more experimental and creative than they were just a decade ago. 

One of the biggest changes since back then is in technology. Now, you can harness the power of social media to help with your wedding planning by checking out the boards on Pinterest, or looking at the wedding hashtags on Instagram, or even choosing which vendor you should go for on Facebook

But how can you use social media to your advantage on your actual wedding day? To help, we’ve made a shortlist of ideas…


1. Create an event or group for your wedding day

By creating an event (or even a private group) on Facebook all about your big day, it can be very beneficial during the run-up, on the day and even after the wedding has finished.

On this online platform, you’ll be able to invite all your family members, share the exact date, time and location – which you can link to Google maps so you can assure no one gets lost!

On the morning of your wedding, you can post the itinerary for the day and also the list of what food everyone’s ordered and post any requests you have for your guests. Then, after the ceremony, family members can keep in touch and also share any pictures that they took on the day with those in the group! 


2. Design a custom Filter or Lens

What makes using Snapchat different to the others, and maybe a little more fun, is that you can apply different lenses (such as the super famous puppy ears) and also use Geofilters on your snaps, which are unique frames for certain locations.

What many people don’t know is that you create your own custom designs for a little bit of money! To do so you can go onto this page and scroll through the different frames and customise the text and even add Bitmojis (cartoon characters) of you and your partner.

Or, if you’re not feeling so creative, you can get a professional to design one for you, check out sellers on Etsy and Fiverr, and set it all up to save the hassle. This would be a great treat for your guests as they can use your personalised filter on the photos they share on social media!

social media at wedding


3. Have a personal hashtag

Okay, so we know that this one isn’t the most original, but it’s a nice touch to add to your wedding. Having a personal hashtag for your special day is popular for a reason – it is a great way to gather all of those wedding moments you weren’t able to capture yourself, but your guests did.

Instagram is the original #hashtag site, but now others are also allowing you to use #hashtags on your posts. If you’re not entirely sure what a #hashtag is, think of it as a simplified website address for those who want to share photos and comments around a specific topic.

Couples are coming up with their own unique hashtags that no one else has used before, maybe by playing on either, or both, of their names or maybe using a special phrase that they have. Creating your own hashtag can be fun and interesting when you start seeing what pictures and comments your guests are posting specifically about you and your wedding.


social media at wedding


4. Livestream your wedding

If you’ve decided to go for a destination wedding somewhere afar, or maybe some of your closest family and friends aren’t able to make it, Facebook Live is a great way to make them feel like they are there.

To do this, make everyone who wishes to be part of the live stream aware of the time you are getting married, ensure the internet connection is spot on and assign one person to stream parts of your wedding live.

Since Facebook Live can be recorded on a phone, it won’t feel intrusive if just one person takes the responsibility and makes sure the best parts of your wedding are captured for those who aren’t there. Or, if you don’t wish to burden any of your guests with this job, services such as UK Live Streaming will take care of everything for you. If you want to go to the total digital extreme, by using the app WebWed, you can even go as far as having a completely online wedding which is legally binding (crazy, eh?). 


5. Don’t use it all!

If you don’t want to have anything to do with any type of social media, you want your day to be 100% Snapchat and Facebook free, why not go ahead and have a totally unplugged wedding?

That’s right, one original way to ‘use’ social media at your wedding is to not use it all. Social media isn’t for everyone and you can ban your guests from using their phones and have a totally tech-free do – or maybe just for the actual ceremony.

It may seem unrealistic or even a bit rude, but it’s the only way to guarantee your guests won’t be all up on social media rather than at your wedding. After all, it is the perfect way to guarantee that everyone is present and focused during those precious few hours. 


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