21 Special Things

There will be lots of special things that you remember from your wedding day; things that you will treasure forever, long after the confetti has blown away and the cake has been eaten; things that will bring a smile to your face whether you keep them on display or you find them in the back of a drawer one day; little reminders of loved ones, and of course the memories themselves. It is lovely to have reminders of such a wonderful time in your life, when you celebrate your relationship with your partner and loved ones, whether it is a small intimate affair or an enormous gathering of the extended families. We have come up with a list of twenty one special things that could be lasting reminders of your day – what will you treasure most?

Your partner

Marriage Certificate

white-rings-decoration-macroWedding Rings

Video footage

Some presents

Favours & mementos

Your name

Cards and Telegrams

Special Memories

Your dress (usually in the loft or the back of the wardrobe)


Pressed flowers



Guest Book

Your new signature

Official documents (Passport, driving licence, etc)

Wedding anniversaries

nVrkxtmMusic (especially your first dance)

Special dates from your diary

and of course LOVE


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