10 North West Hen Party Ideas

Whether you’re wanting to tease the hen with a couple of buff butlers, take her on a heart-racing adventure through an escape room, or wish to spoil her rotten with a relaxing spa day, there’s no shortage of things to do when it comes to arranging a hen party in Manchester, Liverpool or Chester. 

If you’re a bride-to-be, or part of the bridal party with the all-important job of planning the hen-do, we’re here to help. Below is a list of 10 ideas for a hen party in the North West of England.


1. Enrol onto a cocktail masterclass

The best kind of education that all your friends and family will appreciate. On a cocktail masterclass, you and your hen party can become cocktail connoisseurs and be taught to mix and muddle a range of different cocktails by a professional mixologist.

Once you’ve all learned how to make them, and tried out your own concoctions, you can then head out and get tasting cocktails throughout the city with your new-found knowledge!

Available in Manchester, Liverpool and Chester.


2. Feeling fancy? Take your hen party for an afternoon tea

There’s nothing more quintessentially British and no better way to make you feel super fancy then going out for some cream scones, dainty finger sandwiches and maybe even a glass of fizz or two.

Afternoon tea is a lady-like addition to any hen-do weekend, and the North West cities are teeming with coffee shops, tea rooms and hotels serving traditional afternoon teas.

Available in Manchester, Liverpool and Chester.


3. Enjoy a game of crazy golf

This is not the kind of crazy golf you used to play with your family as a kid. These crazy golf joints are 18+ with the mini-golf courses being strewn with cool lights and wall-art and, best of all, they also boast exceptional cocktail bars and live DJs.

Playing some adults-only crazy golf is one way to ensure the evening of your hen-do starts with some healthy competition and lots of fun!

Available in Manchester and Liverpool.


4. Be indulged on a chauffeured gin crawl

The Gin Journey is different to any night out you’ve experienced before. It is a historical, educational and fun-filled tour that will take you and the girls through the North West’s finest gin bars with a taster at each stop.

On the tour, your party will be chauffeur-driven by a gin carriage to five different bars, and even a gin distillery, where you will get to try specially selected premium gins and gin cocktails whilst discovering the history and different production methods of gin.

Available in Manchester, Liverpool and Chester.


5. Unwind on a relaxing spa day

A day (or maybe two) of indulgent pampering is the perfect way to unwind and relax after a busy hen weekend. Maybe you could even spoil the hen to a treatment or two, so she looks and feels her best, in preparation for the big day.

Available in Manchester, Liverpool and Chester.


6. Test your bond in an Escape Room

Here the strength of the bridal group will be tested, and bonds will become stronger as you work together under the pressures of both time and fear. As a group, you will have to piece together clues, solve riddles and find objects in order to make an escape from the Escape Room.

Available in Manchester, Liverpool and Chester.



7. Unleash your creativity in a life drawing class

Get creative as your hen party tries their hand at life drawing. A handsome male model will strip off and strike some poses and you and the group relax and have a few drinks whilst appreciating the male body. An art tutor will be on hand to offer some guidance as you work on your masterpiece (well, we hope it will be), which will later be given to the bride-to-be in a portfolio as a gift. 

Available in Manchester, Liverpool and Chester.



8. Get your dancing shoes on

Have you always wished you could look as sassy as Sandy when she makes her comeback in Grease? Or want to feel like a star doing the infamous Swayze-style lift like Baby in Dirty Dancing? All you have to do is pick your movie, or, if you’d prefer, you can become a 90’s babe or burlesque queen for the night. Then, you can choose the most convenient city-centre venue and professional choreographer will be arranged to meet you there and guide you through a fun-filled group routine.

Available in Manchester and Liverpool.


9. Take a weekend retreat in a yurt

If you wish to opt for an alternative hen-do, or just need to have some quality time with the girls away from the city, a weekend away glamping is the perfect solution.

You can head to a yurt, or some other form of glamping accommodation, in the Lancashire countryside and get away from the maddening crowds and enter a world of wide-open spaces, fresh air and long late-night chats with your best friends. Still with a touch of glamour, of course.

Available in the Lancashire countryside.  



10. Get the girls giggling with a couple of Butlers in the Buff

Butlers in the Buff will add some spice to your pre-drinks! Order a semi-naked butler to serve your hen party and ensure some cheeky giggles from the girls. Your butler in the buff will be specially trained to deliver all your wants. He will act as the perfect party host and waiter, making sure all your drinks are kept topped up, and the party games are flowing. It will certainly make it an occasion to remember.

Available in Manchester, Liverpool and Chester


Let us know via social media if you try any of the above on your hen do! We’d love to hear about it!

Guest Blog by Nikki Webb: My Makeup Artist, My New Best Friend…

Its all in the TITLE!!! 

What girl does not desire to have their very own Makeup Artist? Especially one that gets involved and shares wedding dreams with you. Well that is exactly what you get when booking Nikki Webb Makeup Artist to be apart of your wedding. 

Notice how I say Wedding and not Wedding Day… From the very first email, begins the plans. As a Bride you have your image. The Venue, the DRESS and the vision of exactly how you will look gliding down the aisle to your FUTURE HUSBAND….eekkk HUSBAND!! The whole experience is so magical, a dream come true!! 

From Pinterest to reality…

Now for me, its about bringing that to life for you. Its being at the end of an email at 2am when you wake up and need to share that idea…this has happened to me several times, I welcome it, I love all these little moments.

The screen shots, the pictures of random colours in shops, the Pintrest boards, it all makes the illusion become a reality. Imagine how many images I have from Brides that book wayyyyyy in advance, its awesome!! 

With the endless post-It notes, check lists and organiser journals being checked off, the meet beckons. WE MEET!! Sometimes this is for the first time, but every Bride is special. I never forget the first time. This is the big day in the making.

At a trial all the screenshots, ideas and inspiration becomes a reality. We talk, laugh and actually begin to feel like we’ve known each other longer than the cup of coffee its taken us to blurt every idea we have between us out. I love to hear all about the wedding theme, colours and that all important DRESS… 

Nikki Webb Make Up Artist

When you have so many ideas its so hard to break down exactly what you want but with all the talk of the big day and seeing the vision you become when you talk about your dream, my dream is easy.

My dream for each bride is to create the best version of themselves on their wedding day. Its creating that flawless glow, that is going to glide through the air on that very special date you will both remember forever, or at least you will and you will enjoy making the husband squirm each year after he’s forgotten AGAIN. 

(A little prayer for each Groom that he remembers the date!)

A little brush here, a sponge there, powder, lip and its YOU!! You on your wedding day. A vision of natural beauty, a bridal glow, a grown up little girl about to make all those years of dreaming and planning a dream come true. I love each Brides reaction. I have actually had tears… in a good way obviously.

We share a moment. A moment to take it all in. You move your face in different positions, smile, thrown and stare. I step back and wait. And just like that… a sigh of relief, YOU LOVE IT!!! I have created the look you imagined, exactly what you wanted. 

A makeup look that is 

  • not too much but enough
  • natural but not 
  • glam but not going out 

At this exact moment, I pause… I smile, I glow. I am living my dream and I get to share yours. 

Now we are practically best friends and I’m now the 6th Bridesmaid being in touch up until the wedding day seems more exciting. The messages become more frequent. The 2am ideas become, 12, 2, 4 and any other hour in the day panics, worry’s and woes.

I am here, right on the end of the phone, email, message and even social media memes I have been tagged in several times. I do not and never will think you are a Bridezilla. After all, If you can’t be bossy on your wedding day when can you??  

Its here! The Big Day…

Its a day that seems so surreal. Somewhat not a reality. But it is, and her I am enjoying your wedding morning with you and your bridal party. Makeup brushes at the ready, 1 bridesmaid, 2 bridesmaid and more. Everyone looks a picture. Fizz flowing, smiles glowing, pictures capturing and its time to get dressed. 

The butterflies kick in. Well nerves, but butterflies sound better. Just like that your stood in front of your bridal party, dressed in the most beautiful gown about to marry the man of your dreams. This moment fills me up with pride. As if your one of my own, in all honesty you are. You are one of my beautiful Brides. 

With a once over, touch up on the lip and a squirt of perfume, I send you on your way. Down the stairs, along the corridor and in to a room of gasps, wows and tears. He better be crying…otherwise your turning around to walk back in again, right? 

It’s a wrap. My time here is up. With a smile on my face, I drive away from your venue, away from the wedding I’ve heard so much about and wish you every happiness in the world. Another Beautiful Bride to add to my collection… 

…I longingly await you sending me your wedding day images. A glow. As sense of achievement. I did it. WE DID IT!! 

Until the next Bride…

…If you are looking for a Makeup Artist for your wedding day who WILL feel like the added member to your girl gang, get in touch!! 

I cannot wait xox 


Website – www.nikkiwebbmua.com 

Tel – 07833464223

Facebook – Nikki Webb Makeup Artist 

Instagram – nikkiwebbmua 

Cheshire Bridal Wear Closing Down Sale

We’re sad to see that the fabulous Cheshire Bridal Wear will be closing soon. They’re holding a huge closing down sale with some amazing discounts so if you’re looking for your dress, be sure to book in.


All Good Things…

It’s probably the one blog every business owner hopes to never write but sadly here we are! Cheshire Bridal Wear will be closing this winter, it’s been a heart-breaking decision to make and one that was not taken lightly but was for all the right reasons.

The last few years have been an incredible experience; we’ve met some amazing people at the very happiest time of their lives, and it has been a real joy to share in that journey with each and every one of our brides, however our journey is coming to an end and we are all absolutely devastated.

The most important thing for us now over the coming months, is to make sure all of our brides are taken care of and each and every one of them has the best of experience possible! 

We have a huge collection of over 200 dresses to clear from some incredible designers from home and away including Ronald Joyce, Eddy K, House of Mooshki, Grace Phillips and many more.

Bridesmaids dresses from Mark Lesley and Kelsey Rose and a great selection of accessories including shoes, veils, belts, tiaras and more!

All of this has to go and so we are announcing our Closing Down Sale, ranging in size from 8 to 20 these dresses will be discounted from 50% to 75% off retail prices with prices starting at £199.00!

Ronald Joyce

There are some incredible bargains to be had on some beautiful dresses that are sure to go quickly so be sure not to miss out!

Follow the link below or get in touch via phone or email to make your appointment today!





7 Top Wedding Trends You’ll Want to Follow in 2019/2020

Wedding trends can range from brilliant to bizarre, so it’s all about finding the ideas that suit your style.

From going green to getting creative with culinary treats, we’ve put together a round-up of the top 7 wedding trends set to make a storm in the coming seasons…


1. Statement Headpieces

From vintage diamanté hair clips to boho inspired flower garlands, in 2019, it’s all about the statement headpieces.

Whether you’re looking for something more decadent like a tiara or a more ethereal headband, with this trend making such a comeback, you’ll be spoiled for choice.


2. Going green

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that many brides will be opting for eco-friendly wedding ideas. More people are becoming environmentally conscious every year – even Princess Eugenie had a plastic-free wedding.

So how can you have a more eco-friendly wedding?

There are lots of little things you can do which are positive for the environment. Here are just a few ideas:

Recycled stationery – from invites to place cards using recycled materials is a great idea. You can even buy paper which contains seeds so your wedding can contribute beautiful flowers months after the big day!

Think local – when planning your wedding menu think about sourcing local fruits and vegetables or even go totally organic.

Seasonal flowers – natural weddings are in style at the moment so go for flowers which are ethically produced and in season. Planning your wedding around the natural products available is a beautiful way to help the environment. The British Flower Collective has a great guide to the right flowers for each season.


3. Bold Colours

Stepping away from the more traditional pastel colour pallets, more couples are opting for bold and vibrant hues.

Taking a bolder approach with colours can really add to the overall aesthetic and create a more vibrant look. Why not head to our Pinterest wedding theme board where you’ll find plenty of colour scheme inspo!


4. Getting back to nature

For a beautiful and completely customizable wedding, there’s no better place than the countryside. We’ve got good news for the wild at heart brides, with new regulations coming in it looks like 2019 and 2020 are the best years for an outdoor wedding!

In the future England is set to have laws similar to Scotland in regards to outdoor weddings, giving you much more freedom on where you have the big day. So from stretch tents to tipis, you can create the perfect outdoor wedding space.


5. Bringing outdoors in

Outdoor weddings are fantastic, but the English weather, not so much. So what’s your alternative? You can bring the outdoors inside of course!

We’re talking more than just your typical wedding flowers. Tailored greenery is likely to replace centerpieces at a lot of weddings in the next few years. Having indoor trees and bringing nature into your wedding could give you that perfect blend between natural and not freezing to death in the rain.


6. Getting technical

Wedding technology might sound a bit sci-fi but what we’re talking about is photography, videography  and cool effects. Couples are increasingly opting for drones to photograph or film their big day from the air! Perfect for an outdoor wedding.

Or if you want to transform your indoor video have a look into video mapping, it’s a new trend which is going to get big in 2019. You essentially have a projector which shines light or images onto the walls and floor, transforming your space however you want.


7. Finding your culinary creativity

While there’s nothing wrong with a traditional wedding breakfast, it looks like brides are getting more adventurous with their wedding menus. At the end of the day, you want your guests to remember your wedding as an incredible day and what’s an easy way to do that?

Have amazing food!

So how can you make sure your guests can’t stop talking about your wedding menu?

2019 and 2020 we’re going to see a lot of new ideas, from smaller plates replacing the big meal to give a wide range of options, to DIY food stations. Whatever your wedding menu is don’t be afraid to be a little adventurous!


To sum up

Now you’re armed with the best of the wedding trends of 2019 and 2020 you can start planning your dream wedding! Let us know what you think of these new trends, which ones are you crazy about? Or are you super traditional and want to stick to what you know? Talk to us on social media, we’d love to hear your thoughts!

Need some added wedding inspiration? Why not head to one of our many Wedding Fayres across the North West or check out our magazine here! Happy planning!