10 Wedding Entertainment Ideas to Make Your Day One to Remember

Your wedding is such a magical day, you look forward to it for months or even years, but your guests also look forward to celebrating with you. The wedding entertainment you choose can make it just that little bit different and exciting for your guests. In this article, we’re going to cover how you can ensure your big day stands out in each and every one of your guest’s memories!


1. A day at the fair

A wedding can sometimes feel like a circus, getting all of your family and friends in one place! Why not just embrace it? From funfair rides to circus performers, there’s a lot of ways to bring an element of showbiz to your big day. You could even go for a candyfloss and popcorn stall, or maybe have circus activities for the kids.


2. Make it a competition

With this one you can keep it traditional or go for something a little out there. Think axe throwing or space hopper races! You could also opt for British classics like egg and spoon races or welly wanging. For a British countryside wedding you can’t go wrong with elements of a posh sports day.


3. Dance the night away

Dancing at weddings is usually the same for every couple, your first dance followed by your guests joining you on the dance floor (with the dancing getting more entertaining as the night goes on!). However, you can change this up, lots of bridal parties now include surprise dance routines. Whether it’s the groom and his best men or the bride and her bridesmaids – showing off a fun dance routine is entertaining for everyone. You could even get everyone involved with a fun flash mob!


4. Cake-tainment

Ok so the title might not be catching on just yet, but we think using cake as a form of entertainment is a great idea! You can get your guests involved in baking cakes and bringing them to share, you could even crown a star baker. Having different awards or medals is a fun way of involving your guests whilst saving money. Or you could find other creative ways of bringing cake into your wedding like fun cupcakes, or a ‘decorate your own’ station.


5. Playing dress up

It’s becoming a common trend for weddings to have prop boxes for photos, but why not go the extra step? Have costumes for your guests to try on and pose in, or give the dance floor a bit of flare.


6. Alternative entertainment

A great way to be that little bit different is to have performers at your wedding. They can provide exciting entertainment to fit in with any theme. Fire dancers are great for an outdoor wedding or a magician for a wedding with a lot of little guests. This can also include musicians, maybe you really love rock or have a soft spot for reggae, consider hiring a band for a portion of the evening to play your favourite music.


7. Games for all the big kids

Big games are something we often have at garden parties, so why not a wedding? Big connect four or giant jenga are great options to entertain the big kids as well as the little guests. For the adults you could also try games like the shoe game or the newlyweds game to have a bit of fun with the newly married couple. Don’t forget about the childhood classics like musical chairs, stuck in the mud and tag!


8. Go big and create your own festival

We all love the atmosphere of a festival, if you’re getting married outdoors why not bring that to your wedding? Live music, wellies and beer are your key ingredients. But what else can you do for that festival feel? Think about having different purpose areas, for example a chill out zone or an area just for the kids. Plus you could end the night with a bang and set off some fireworks!


9. British countryside theme

Another fun one if you’re getting married outdoors or your venue has a nice garden space. How can you bring the British countryside into your wedding (more than just getting married in it)? Well for your entertainment you could have morris dancers or get everyone involved in a duck race! Think countryside pub or garden fete vibes.


10. Entertainment for the adults

Most weddings already provide adult entertainment, it’s called a bar. Although you can get more creative with this. How about an ice sculpture that acts as a luge for vodka? Or decorative jelly shots and boozy desserts? Prosecco bars with glitter and champagne topper options is another classy way to entertain your guests. If you want to go all out you could have your own cocktail bar and a signature cocktail just for your wedding!


We hope you have fun planning your wedding entertainment! Connect with us on our social media channels below and let us know if you used any of our ideas in your big day.

Getting Married Abroad? Here’s our Destination Wedding Checklist

Planning a destination wedding can feel like a huge challenge. Making a wedding planning checklist for a wedding near home is difficult enough, add in all the extra stresses of a destination wedding and it might feel overwhelming.

Have no fear! We’re here to help! We’re going to give you our ultimate destination wedding checklist to help your wedding abroad go as smoothly as possible.

All weddings abroad run on different timelines. So we’re not going to give you deadlines, our checklist will instead help you with all the tasks that need to get done in each stage of planning a destination wedding, no matter what your timeline is.


The planning phase

– The first thing you need to decide is your budget. Destination weddings come with more expenses such as travel and accommodation. Choose your budget wisely, think about who is contributing and how much you can realistically afford on the venue, dress, food etc.

– Once you’ve worked out your budget you can move on to the more fun things like picking a destination!

– Choose your wedding date.

– Choose your guests. This might take some time and depend a lot on the budget. Also think hard about who is going to be able to come to your wedding abroad based on the location (older relatives, for example, might not make it to a wedding on an African safari).

– Send out save the date cards as soon as possible. Most people need time to plan a trip abroad, so the more notice you give the more people will be able to make it. Of course, for the relatives you don’t like you could always forget to send them a save the date!

– Hire a wedding planner – if you really want a stress free destination wedding then you need a planner. Preferably one experienced at weddings in your chosen country.

– Find out exactly what you need to get married in your chosen location. Every country has different requirements so it’s important to find this out sooner rather than later.

– Check both your passports are up to date and order new ones if you need to.

– Secure your wedding venue and honeymoon suite. If you have the time and budget you might want to go and visit your potential locations. If this isn’t possible, make sure you’re choosing a well-reviewed location with plenty of pictures and preferably videos of the venue.

– Choose your wedding party.


The organisation phase

– Design and send out your invites – make sure to keep track of who can make it to the wedding (remember spreadsheets are your friends).

– Send out accommodation and flight details to all of your guests.

– Find the perfect wedding dress! Before you start looking make sure you know the temperatures in your chosen location, this is going to affect your choice of dress. Destination wedding dresses take some thought as if you’ve chosen a hot country you don’t want to be sweating all day!

– Organise your wedding day transport, if you are travelling to somewhere other than your hotel.

– Purchase your flight tickets well in advance.

– Book transport from the airport to your hotel.

– Get any vaccines you may need.

– Consider booking your honeymoon in advance to get the best deals, or if your honeymoon is in the same location as your wedding plan some fun activities for just the two of you.

– Discuss the vendors with your wedding planner. Mostly you want them all to be based in the country you’re getting married in to make life easier. If you’ve chosen a hotel they may also have a lot of in house vendors or can give you advice on the best local vendors.

– Book everything in advance as much as possible. So choose your photographer and spend the time picking your menu and finding the right wedding cake early.

– Get your bridal party organised. Bridesmaid dresses, suits and check everyone has a passport.

– Book a DJ or a band.

– Choose and book your officiant.

– Plan your hen and stag parties.

– Think about other events around your wedding, are you going to have brunch the following day or activities for your guests to take part in?


The ‘we’re not going to panic’ phase

The important thing to remember is that you are marrying the person you love. It might seem stressful now but no matter what happens your wedding day will be amazing! Here a few details you can deal with to try and stay calm in the run-up to the wedding:

– Buy your wedding accessories – always a fun task!

– Get your rings, an important decision make sure you choose a ring you want to wear forever!

– Plan your honeymoon.

– Create a kick-ass playlist for your wedding (if you’ve gone for a DJ).

– Book a hairstylist and makeup artist.

– Create your seating chart.

– Write your wedding vows.

– Choose readings for your ceremony and choose guests to read them aloud.

– Decide on your first dance.

– Take time out to look after yourself. Read bridal magazines in a bubble bath or have a wine night with your girlfriends but decide not to talk about the wedding! Sometimes you need to take your mind off things.

– Have fun at your hen party! Use the night to blow off steam and take your mind off the stress of wedding planning.


The final details phase

– Start packing.

– Confirm all of your vendors.

– Check all the legal documents and that you have everything you need to get married.

– Send any decorations or anything you can’t take on the plane to the wedding coordinator.

– Pick up your wedding dress.

– Organise welcome bags and letters.

– Check all of your guests have flights and accommodation sorted.

– Don’t drive yourself crazy double checking everything. Have a spreadsheet with all the important tasks and vendors listed. Tick them off once they are organised and then use this phase to tick each one off when you have checked them one final time.


Crossing the finish line

– Most brides head out to the location a little before the wedding to help organise everything. Check the venue and decorations are all in order.

– Hair and make-up trial.

– Be pampered! Use this time to relax and also looking your best for the wedding. Manicures and spa days are perfect!

– Sleep! Get plenty of sleep and drink lots of water in the run up to the wedding. You want to look your best.

– Deep breaths everyone.

– On your wedding day, the most important thing is to enjoy it. You want to remember this day as being amazing for the rest of your life. Try not to get caught up on the details. If you’ve followed this checklist you shouldn’t have forgotten anything. However, no one is perfect. If something does go wrong on the day try to stay calm and don’t let a small thing get in your way. Let go and enjoy the party!

Hooray! You’ve done it. That was so easy, right? Maybe not, but we hope our destination wedding checklist has helped you put some order into the madness which is international weddings. Have an incredible wedding and let us know if our checklist helped you via social media!

What to Expect When Buying a Wedding Dress

Now that the perfect person has popped the question and the answer was a resounding YES! That exiting time has come to choose your wedding dress!

To help you along we here’s a round-up of tips and common questions…

Before your appointment

Have a think about your budget and the type of dress you’re looking for. This will give you an idea when booking an appointment with a boutique and help them to get an idea of the styles to pick out for you.

Wedding Date

This is obviously crucial information! Most brides start looking for their wedding dress one year to eighteen months in advance of their big day. However, some can start to plan six or even only three months before, which when planned well is still plenty of time to get everything organised depending on your suppliers. In wedding dress terms the usual minimum order time is six months before the wedding day. However, there are many variations to this. Check with the shop first.


One of the things a boutique will ask is if you have thought about your wedding dress budget.

Many brides have not really thought about it at this point, but to give an estimate on average dresses range from £600 to about £4500 with the majority being between £1000 and £2000.

When choosing where to visit we would advise giving a shop your intended budget, even if they do not ask for it, in order to avoid any potentially difficult situations.


It is a good idea to have a look through magazines or Pinterest to get an idea of the kind of bridal style you prefer. However, this could all change when you start trying them on so it’s always good to be open to new styles.

At your appointment

Who to bring

We always suggest that you bring with you a trusted friend or relative (or two) who really knows you. Although it is tempting, if you bring all your friends and family you also bring with you a lot of very different opinions and in these early stages it can get quite confusing. Try to remember that the only opinion that really counts is yours.

What happens next? – The Decision

this depends entirely on you. If you have decided on ‘The One’ then you will be measured for your dress. if you have a shortlist you will have another appointment to try them again. This is very helpful as you can see them with fresh eyes; very often the first appointment is so full it can be hard to remember which dresses had which details and which you liked best. Don’t worry; we keep a detailed record of your appointment so you have everything ready for your next session when you go in.


Your final fittings will take place starting six weeks before the wedding to account for any last minute changes in shape; your final fitting will be about a week before. Obviously, all of the above are worked around each individual bride’s requirements in order to make the experience as simple as can be.

Words by The Wedding Shop