The Ultimate Guide to Maid of Honour Duties

Maid of Honour Duties – Before The Wedding

You might think maid of honour duties just include support on the big day and helping to choose a dress. Of course both of those are key roles for any maid of honour, however, there are plenty of other roles you can take on to help your bride.


1. Chief of the vision board

A bride has a lot of decisions to make about her wedding. Since it’s not your wedding you can’t make decisions for her, but what you can do is be there to bounce ideas off.

Whether it’s invitations, flowers or colour schemes you need to be the voice of reason and gentle support. You need to help the bride realise what her own vision is and help her put it together.

Now your bride might be really confident and already know everything she wants, if that’s the case then you have an easier job! However, for those brides who aren’t very confident or used to making decisions, you’re going to be the one there supporting them.


2. Wedding dress scout

The best thing about being a maid of honour is helping to choose the wedding dress! Whether you go with the bride to one or twenty wedding dress shops you are one of the first people to see her in that white dress.

So advice for wedding dress shopping? Help her look for what she wants if she’s on a budget help her to find a dress that fits that. Whenever she tries a dress on look at how happy she is rather than the style of the dress.

If she’s happy then it’s a good dress, even if you don’t like the style so much. If you don’t think a particular dress suits her, try to say that gently and find a different dress she might like.


3. Group leader

As maid of honour, you are the chief bridesmaid. This means helping to make sure the other bridesmaids are organised. So check they all have the right shoes, their dresses all fit and everyone essentially matches.

You are also the point person for organising the hen do. Usually, this is done with the help of both the bride and the bridesmaids (unless it’s a surprise) but you are the main organiser of the event.

Think about the bride. If she’s not into partying then how about something more her speed? Spa days, yoga retreats and craft workshops are all great options for something a little different. Of course, if she loves to party you could always do something relaxing in the day and head out on the town in the evening!


4. Emotional support guru

Your bride might have a little wobble or two before the big day. She is under a lot of stress trying to organise everything. Be the person who helps her to feel calm.

Don’t stress her out by planning too much when she’s tired. Be the person who makes her a cup of tea and runs her a bubble bath. If she has a hotel room for the night before the wedding, offer to stay with her and bring her favourite box set and plenty of snacks. The night before the wedding your job is to keep her distracted and stop her from stressing, she needs beauty sleep!


Maid of Honour Duties – On the Big Day

1. Emergency support specialist

Now, this is one of the most important things to remember. On the big day, you need to be prepared for as many potential emergencies as possible. You might want to opt for a big handbag and just store it somewhere at the venue when you’re doing the actual ceremony and photos afterwards.

So what do you need? Safety pins and a needle and thread for the bridesmaid dresses are a must. Painkillers, blister plasters, mints and makeup for touching up are great to have. If it’s a sunny day sun cream and cooling spray or a mini fan are godsends. Anything you can think of that the bride of one of the bridesmaids might suddenly need.


2. Point of contact

When it comes to the big day often the venue or vendors might have a lot of questions. While the bride is getting ready she doesn’t need the extra stress. So make sure you get yourself ready nice and early so that anyone who shows up with a question you can step up and answer them.

The night before the wedding have the bride talk you through where she wants everything and how she wants the day to run, that way you have all the answers on the day.


3. Family wrangler

If you’re lucky, absolutely every member of the bride and groom’s family will be lovely and helpful people. However, most weddings are not quite that relaxed. Often there will be a troublesome family member.

It’s your job to make sure the bride has a brilliant day and is completely unaware of any family problems. That might mean organising lifts and taxis at the end of the night or stopping a family argument in the middle of the wedding. Everyone only needs to be calm and polite for one day, should be easy right?


4. Mistress of ceremonies

The maid of honour role does include some work during the actual ceremony. As maid of honour, you walk down the aisle and wait for the bride at the top. When she arrives double check everything is in the right place. She will hand you her bouquet to hold during the ceremony.

You might have extra tasks like reading a poem or story or signing the marriage license as a witness. You can also give a speech during the toasts portion of the evening. Try to tell funny but appropriate stories about the couple and essentially tell the bride how much you love her and how happy you are for them both.


We hope you’re excited to help the bride on her journey and support her on the big day. Congratulations on getting chosen to be the maid of honour. If you follow all the advice in this article you should be able to keep your bride calm and help her to make amazing memories. Don’t forget to send her this article when she’s going to be your maid of honour!

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5 Things Brides Wish They’d Have Done Differently

Planning the perfect wedding is something most brides start from childhood. In the back of your mind somewhere you slowly collect ideas and visions of your perfect day.

In reality perfection is hard to achieve. That doesn’t mean your wedding, much like the partner you choose to marry, won’t be perfect for you. It just means that on the big day there will probably be one or two hitches and problems to solve.

You can plan your day as much as you want but you won’t know how everything is going to actually turn out until the day.

So what can you do to try and prevent regrets after the big day? Like anything, the best thing you can do to prepare yourself is take advice from people with experience.

We’ve spoken to a variety of brides to find out what they wish they had done differently on their big day. We’re giving you the top 5 tips from brides to help you think about the best way to plan your upcoming wedding!

1. Hire a videographer

Having a photographer is standard at most weddings but have you ever thought about a video of your wedding? This was the number one thing brides wish they had thought of before their big day.

Looking through your photos is great but sometimes you wish you could just go back in time to relive the magical moments of your one special day. Now we can’t quite tell you how to do that, but we can do is recommend having a video made so you can watch your wedding day over and over again!


2. Be more in charge

It’s your day, so make sure it’s the way you want. Not the way your wedding planner wants. Not the way your mum or mother-in-law wants. This is a day for you and your partner.

If you want to be super traditional or throw all the traditions out of the window then that’s your choice. It’s important not to be a pushover, you need to stand up for the choices which suit you as a couple.

Of course you don’t want to be a bridezilla but you can be assertive without being mean. Just make it clear exactly what you want to vendors, planners and family members. Remember it’s YOUR wedding.


3. Prepare anything you want to make yourself in advance

There are lots of touches to a wedding which you can do DIY, from invitations to decorations. If you have opted for anything which you’re planning on making yourself make sure you do this a long, long, long way before your wedding! The weeks before your big day are bound to be stressful enough so anything you can do in advance, do it!


4. Bring supplies for comfort and touch ups

Most brides get ready in the morning and then that’s it. That’s what they wear for the rest of the day. When you think about it your lipstick is going to come off, your feet are going to hurt and you might need to freshen up.

So, make sure one of your bridesmaids has extra supplies to touch up your look. Whether that’s another lipstick, more mascara or comfortable shoes. You want to be comfortable and also look good in the photos during the reception. Baby wipes and deodorant are also lifesavers!


5. Be present

There’s so much to worry about when you’re planning a wedding. On the big day, however, a lot of brides regret not letting go and just enjoying themselves. If things aren’t running 100% on time or according to plan, accept that’s ok.

It’s your day, you should have fun! Being in the moment will help you to focus on your beautiful wedding rather than unimportant details. If there are issues, you can deal with them calmly and try to get into a mindset of ‘not everything needs to be perfect’. If you spend the whole day stressing you won’t have nice memories in the same way as if you just choose to just be present in the moment.

To sum up 

When you read through this list, none of these are major problems. Just little things that thinking back brides would change. Take their advice. Or don’t (remember number 2 – be in charge!).

We hope that you have a brilliant wedding day, without any regrets. Let us know in the comments if you liked these tips and any advice you’ve had from previous brides!

20 Song Ideas for Walking Up the Aisle

Choosing the music you walk up the aisle to might seem like a small decision but it’s actually a really important one. The music you play sets the tone for your ceremony (and more often than not the music is what starts getting everyone emotional!). So you want to get it right. Something upbeat enough that you can walk down the aisle without blubbering and ruining your makeup, but meaningful enough to play during one of the biggest moments of your life. We’re going to give you our top 20 songs you can use to walk up the aisle to. Use these as inspiration or feel free to take one straight from our list.

How to choose the perfect song to walk up the aisle to

It’s a small decision, so why is it so tricky? For some, it’s an easy decision if you and your partner’s song is super romantic. However, even if you’re lucky enough to have a romantic song rather than a funny one, you might want to save that for your first dance and pick something else romantic for walking up the aisle. The main thing to keep in mind when choosing a song is to make sure you pick something personal, something you both love. If you’re a big nerd then pick a song from your favourite fantasy epic. If you both really love rock and metal then find a song in that genre that can work. It’s your wedding so pick something you love, don’t just follow everyone else!

20 Best songs to walk down the aisle to

So here it is, our list of the best songs for walking up the aisle. You can use any from this list but keep in mind there are lots of versions of every song. So if you like a song but not sure it works then see if you can find a violin or piano cover! You can also have an instrumental band at your wedding, that way they can help you create the perfect music.

John Legend – All of me

A very popular song to walk down the aisle to, and with good reason. It’s super romantic and a really nice pace.

James Arthur – Say you won’t let go

Just listen to the lyrics of ‘Say you won’t let go’ and you’ll understand why it’s on this list.

Christina Perri – A thousand years

Just listening to this song at home can make you want to cry! Definitely, a good choice if you want everyone in the audience to get emotional. Just don’t forget the tissues!

Ed Sheeran – Perfect

He’s a global star so he must have got something right! Perfect is a lovely song to use, but be warned if you use this one you might tear up every time you hear it on the radio.

Ellie Goulding – How long will I love you

Ellie Goulding has such a beautiful voice and the perfect tone for serenading you down the aisle.

Elvis Presley – Can’t help falling in love

An oldie but a goodie. You can’t beat a bit of Elvis, especially with this romantic song. Not that keen on the style? Why not use the lyrics and melody just make it instrumental? Or you can always find a modern cover.

Moulin Rouge – Come what may

Are you a fan of musicals? There are so many romantic musical theatre songs to choose from. This one from the film Moulin Rouge is a great version. 

Elton John – Your song

Your song is up there as one of the most romantic songs ever. Now you’ve got three versions to choose from! The original Elton John, the cover in Moulin Rouge or the version from the film Rocketman.

Bruno Mars – Just the way you are

Another popular song for walking down the aisle. Beautiful lyrics accompanied by an amazing melody.

One direction – Little things

If you and your partner love a bit of a boyband then this one is perfect! Go for this One direction song and tell your partner all the little things you love about them.

Avicci (violin cover) – Wake me up

Now ‘wake me up’ might not seem like a particularly romantic song but check out some of the instrumental covers. The violin version is particularly beautiful.

Emeli Sande – Where I sleep

Emeli Sande has an incredible voice and this song is very romantic. Have a listen and see if this one fits the style of your wedding party.

Shania Twain – You’re still the one

‘You’ll still the one’ is a representation of the journey your relationship has been on. If it’s been a long or difficult journey then this song is perfect for you.

Damien Rice – The Blower’s Daughter

That beautiful chorus ‘can’t take my eyes of you, I can’t take my eyes off you’… is enough to make anyone shed a few tears!

All American Rejects – When the world comes down

If you’re a little alternative or rock deep down then this is a nice option. It’s got an alternative feel whilst still being a good choice for the aisle. 

Celtic song – She moves through the fair

A traditional song which is often used in weddings. Head over to YouTube and check out how amazing this melody is.

Vance Joy – Take your time

Romantic, chilled and beautiful. This one ticks all the right boxes!

Norah Jones – Come away with me

If you’re a big fan of Norah Jones then this is the song for you. Her tone and style in this song are just mesmerising.

Jason Mraz – I’m yours

We’ve all heard this one on the radio. Sweet and simple, it’s a lovely song choice.

Frank Sinatra -Moon river

Another great option if you want to go for a classic. The version from ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s’, is also very well known and works well if you’re a fan of the film.

There you have it! We hope you like our list. Feel free to send us your ideas on our social media and get in touch if you’ve used any of these in your wedding ceremony.