The history of weddings is very interesting

Wedding party history plays a big part in the roles of the #bride’s attendants and groomsmen in modern day weddings. In most cases, the #bridal party doesn’t realize that this custom was initiated with the #groomsmen and not the bride’s attendants.

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Bride’s Knights or Groomsmen?

The bridal party began with an Anglo-Saxon tradition. In this tradition, friends of the #groom were given the role of guardians or body guards of the bride. It was their duty to make certain that the bride made it safely to the #wedding and later the groom’s home. She should arrive at both places with her dowry and herself intact. This is where the term bride’s knights originated. It evolved into bridesmen and later into groomsmen.

In some cases, the groom actually kidnapped the bride with the aid of his friends. If the bride’s family was opposed to the wedding, the groom’s friends would form an army to fend off the angry mob while the groom made a getaway with the bride in his arms.

Bridesmaids or Brideswomen

The #matron of honor was once referred to as a senior maid. It was the senior maid’s responsibility to attend the bride for several days before the wedding. The senior maid was also by the bride’s side on her wedding day, ensuring that she looked as beautiful as possible. Other attendants, referred to as bridesmaids or brideswomen, had several duties. They might assist the bride in the decoration of the wedding and they typically helped her dress for the ceremony.

In many cases, both #bridesmaids and groomsmen dressed very similar to the bridal couple. It was believed that this would confuse any evil spirits or even jealous suitors who might attend the wedding with the intent of doing harm to the bride or groom. This tradition continues today in a more modern form. Bridesmaids are typically chosen because of their close friendship and bonds of loyalty to the bride.

Best Man or Banished Friend?

Did you know that the best man used to stand beside the bride at the altar? Legend has it that the best man was placed there to continue his protection over the bride throughout the ceremony. Unfortunately, some of the best men took their roles a little too seriously, causing jealousy among the grooms. Thus, the best man was banished from the bride’s side and has forever after remained on the groom’s side.

Wedding Party History and Children

Groomsmen and bridesmaids aren’t the only members of the wedding party. Wedding party history also includes #children. The #flower girl tradition began during the #Victorian era. The role of a flower girl was to entertain the wedding guests. The sight of a tiny girl carrying flowers with the wedding party helped create a more relaxed and pleasant celebration.

Young #boys also had specific roles in wedding party history. Their role was to hold the bride’s train, and they typically dressed as #pages with velvet jackets and short pants. They also carried the wedding rings, this continues as a tradition today.

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