Tiara or Not

“When it comes to choosing the accessories, today’s brides have many alternatives ranging from a five-tier veil to the princess tiara”.

Your wedding jewellery is the last detail of your desired look. It is an outward expression of your personality, more than simply a fashion statement. Try lots of different things and have the confidence to be unique.

 Consider your own style –

 A good designer can advise you on the shapes that flatter your face, and enhance the look by incorporating your ideas to achieve a design totally unique to you.

 If a bright fairytale tiara full of diamantés feels too much like a headlight, consider how the same design would look in classic pearl with a subtle crystal sparkle? A classic and simple dress can be set off with a simple necklace or made into a statement when the same necklace is draped across the forehead. What does your favourite headdress look like when worn upside down, at the back of the head or around the neck?

 Wedding jewellery has come a long way from the matching tiara and three piece set. Have confidence, consider selecting different items from separate ranges to wear. If you cannot find the things you like or need guidance, discuss the possibility of having something designed from scratch.

 From a delicate vintage brooch pinned into your hairstyle to bold Swarovski crystal fascinators, the possibilities are endless.  A wise bride will remember  the aim is effortless grace and glamour.   A bride’s accessories should be the finishing touch, not a show stealer. We would all prefer to hear “you look wonderful” rather than “what a beautiful tiara”!

Words: Rachel Wood Designs

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