15 Winter Wedding Favours Your Guests Will Love

Winter weddings are definitely romantic. Getting cosy with your guests in a beautiful, warm indoor venue. What’s not to love?

The perfect thing about indoor weddings (besides not having to worry about the weather) is that you can really let your creativity shine! Whether you’re planning an intimate winter get together or a grand festive celebration, winter wedding favours are a great way to give everyone a little memento from your special day.

For many brides, it can seem impossible to show each and every guest that you’re grateful for their presence. However, something small and thoughtful, like a wedding favour, will make your guests feel valued, even if you might not be able to spend much time with them, personally, on the day.


1. Get crafty with pine cones

Pine cones are a winter staple when it comes to decoration. For an easy (and money saving!)  winter wedding favour you can take pine cones and make either bird feeders or colourful fire starters! Both are simple to make and a thoughtful present which your guests will love using during the winter months.


2. Boozy teabags

We all love a cup of warm mulled wine in winter. Mulled wine bags are a fabulous winter wedding favour. All you need is spices wrapped in a muslin cloth with a pretty tag attached. You can make your own mulled wine spice bags or buy them in bulk and just add your own tag. Either way, your guests will think of you next time they spend the night by the fireplace. Not the biggest wine fan? No worries, switch it up for the English classic and make spiced teabags instead.


3. Add some sparkle

Unleash the inner child and add some sparkle to your special day! Sparklers are a traditional perk of the cold weather in the UK. All you need to do is add a nice customised tag, and you’ve got a cute winter wedding favour!


4. Beautiful baubles

If you’re looking for a wedding favour to make your tables look pretty, while also being a thoughtful gift for your guests, then this is the one for you! Custom baubles not only add a bit of sparkle, but they also bring a piece of your wedding into everyone’s home. All of your guests will treasure the memory of your wedding every year when they see your wedding bauble hanging from their tree.


5. Scrumptious hot chocolate

What’s the yummiest thing about winter? Hot chocolate of course! What wedding guest wouldn’t love a delicious hot chocolate as a wedding favour? You can get creative with flavours and make hot chocolate sticks or if you don’t want to get messy, make your own hot chocolate jars!


6. Toffee Apples

Let’s face it, of all the wedding favours your guests will probably get the most excited about the sweets. Candied apples are always a winner, add a little gingham ribbon to the stick and you’ve got a sweet wedding favour.


7. Baby trees

No, we don’t mean broccoli. Baby trees are super cute wedding favours that are also good for the environment. All you need is a little sprig of pine in a cloth bag with some soil and you’ve got a plantable gift!


8. Personalised wooden place cards

If you are going for a rustic feel then why not have little engraved wooden slices for each of your guests. These double as attractive place cards and thoughtful gifts. You also get the added feel of bringing nature into your wedding without having to be out in the cold!


9. Cosy hand warmers

From mini hot water bottles to mittens warm hands is a present everyone can appreciate. Mittens with a custom tag can be used by your guests time and again. However, if you’re wanting cute wedding favours then mini hot water bottles with knitted covers are adorable and useful.


10. A taste of winter cheer

Delight your guests with mini bottles of custom flavour infused alcohol. Make your own sloe gin or Turkish delight vodka and pop it into little bottles to give everyone a little taste of warmth in the winter months. Find out how to get creative with tasty flavours by making your own DIY booze.


11. Gingerbread creations

You can’t have winter without ginger. It’s pretty much the star flavour of the season. Gingerbread can be made into traditional gingerbread men, or you can get creative. Gingerbread stars, snowflakes or any other shape you can find a cookie cutter for!


12. Personalised candles

We all love a scented candle while having a bath. Why not give your guests a treat with a personalised candle? You can even use these as your place cards! Add a sprig of mistletoe to each one to give it an extra festive look.


13. Winter Chutney

If it’s good enough for Mary Berry it’s good enough for us! Little jars of yummy chutney are not only thoughtful wedding favours but they’re also useful for your guests. You can buy little jars of the ready-made kind or make your own chutney with the classic Berry recipe.


14. Give everyone a white winter

For this one, all you need is brown paper bags with your guest’s names and a touch of fake snow! It’s up to you how you do this one, you can opt for proper fake snow (all your guests need to do is add water) or you can fill them with biodegradable snowflake confetti. You might want to save yourself the mess and ask your guests to open these at home!


15. Potpourri sachets

If you want a delicate and fragrant wedding favour then why not choose potpourri sachets? In the dark months of winter, every household could do with a bit of a lift. You can opt for summer florals to bring back the feelings of good weather. Or go for traditional winter spices to make everyone’s wardrobes smell festive all year round!