14k Gold Wedding Invitations by Adorn!

Vanessa WilliamsIn the summer of 2015 – Desperate Housewives and Ugly Betty star Vanessa Williams was wed to NY accountant Jim Skrip. Vanessa and her partner met whilst cruising down the Nile in Egypt, and wanted their wedding cards to reflect their unique love story.

Their ceremony and celebration was a beautiful and luxurious Egyptian themed event fit for a King and Queen. A UK based design company, Adorn Wedding Invitations, was given the job of designing and manufacturing an invitation that would rival a piece of art.

For months, the Adorn design team worked tirelessly to create a design that truly reflected Vanessa and Jim’s incomparable romance and their special theme.

Magical Designs fit for an Egyptian Goddess

The Adorn team was intent on taking advantage of this opportunity to produce the most extraordinary and impressive invitation suite to date. No detail was too minute with every single element receiving the full attention of the design team; as a result the whole design studio drew on every component of the couples’ history and wedding plans to compile their inspiration.

This thorough attention to detail allowed Adorn to gain a strong vision of colours and textures that would work perfectly for Vanessa’s wedding. They also ended up collaborating with Vanessa’s wedding planner on colours and decorative elements for the actual celebration. From laser cut golden cupcake holders, to lavish table cloths and napkins, Adorn worked together with Vanessa and Jim to create an overall design aesthetic for the wedding. This was then beautifully translated through to their invitation design creating an overall cohesion.

adorn wedding invitations

The actual concept for the design was hugely influenced by one of Vanessa’s Carmen Marc Valvo gowns.  Adorn took some of the intricate detailing featured on the gown, and transcended that onto the invitation.

Bringing the Invitations to Life

Inspired by the Egyptian landscape where the couple first fell in love, Adorn utilized the golden sandy plains and delicate splashes of colourful flora along the Nile bank as inspiration for their colour theme, finally settling on sparkly metallic gold and rich vibrant Marsala.

To create this vivid tone of Marsala – the design team mixed multiple inks and shades using Adorn’s vintage printing machinery that is exclusive to their design studio.

The gold foiling that was used for the invitation shimmered and sparkled exactly like the gold decor in the other wedding elements, giving guests a small preview of the opulence of the wedding ceremony itself.

An intricate and delicate laser cutting technique brought details from Vanessa’s gown into the invitations with the first stage being a hand drawn design, rarely found in creative design processes today. Once a small section was drawn it was scanned in to a computer program to be duplicated exactly, meaning that Adorn were then able to laser cut the exact design detailing onto every one of the invitations.

adorn wedding invitations

However, the most exciting detail that was featured in the design was undoubtedly the 14k golden lotus flower individually applied to each invitation. During the inspiration and design process Adorn discovered that Jim had designed a one-of-a-kind ring with a lotus leaf engraved onto the inside. It was explained that the very complex symbol represents spiritual awakening and divine beauty, a perfect tribute to the couple’s newly blossomed relationship.

Results – A Piece of Art to rival Historic Egyptian Creations

Adorn Design StudiosThe final design for Vanessa and Jim’s invitation was the result of months of cooperation and thoroughly researched inspiration. All of the hard work and attention to detail resulted in an exemplary product and the couple absolutely falling in love with the finished article; so much so that Adorn later discussed the idea of recreating it in a cheaper, more versatile option, soon to be available to the public.

Working with Vanessa  

VW-Wedding-Invites_20160505T015153.815514Z“No decorative element could have overshadowed the stunning Egyptian goddess that was Vanessa Williams on her wedding day. With sleek straight hair, blue smoky eyes and glamorous golden accessories, Vanessa was able to stun all of her guests (and now husband) with her sheer beauty.

The couple’s elegant Egyptian theme was effortlessly evident in all elements of their wedding, which couldn’t have reflected their fateful meeting any more perfectly.

We were just delighted to be involved with such a star, and share our vision for creating invitations to match such a magical event.”  Remarked the design team at Adorn Wedding Invitations.

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