11 Genius Wedding Planning Tips That you Need to Know About

You’re getting married! Exciting times ahead, right? Yes, you have to plan the whole day – but it doesn’t have to be stressful. It may seem like a minefield when you have to think of everything from your seating plan and menu through to your dress and ‘something blue’ but, it’s surprising how much a few handy pointers can help.

So, without further ado, here’s our round-up of 11 genius wedding planning tips to help make your experience as simple and stress-free as possible.

1. Create a wedding only email address

First things first, you’ll want all correspondence in one place so set up a dedicated wedding email address. You’re going to be getting in touch with a lot of people when planning your wedding, from videographers and photographers to your cake maker and seamstress.

So, a dedicated email address will help to ensure that important correspondence won’t get lost into the abyss of your personal or work inboxes. Share the log in details with your partner too so everything really is in one place!

2. Research your dates

When choosing your wedding date, it’s always worth keeping in mind any days that should be avoided. Firstly, check personal dates such as milestone birthdays, anniversaries or upcoming events within the family – your Nan’s 90th Birthday? Probably best to avoid.

It’s also worth being aware of any other significant dates such as public holidays, local festivals and major sporting events which could influence guest attendance and venue prices.

3. Count your guests first

Got your sights set on a dreamy wedding venue that ticks all of your boxes? Wait. Before handing over the deposit, have you considered guest numbers? Booking the venue without a ballpark figure for numbers is a common mistake which can easily be avoided.

Prioritise your guest list and agree on an approximate number before visiting potential venues. That way you won’t run the risk of falling in love with a place that’s far too small (or big) for your wedding party.

4. Ask the Post Office to “hand cancel” your invitations

Spending a pretty penny on dainty, handmade invitations? Does the thought of them running through a franking machine make you physically cringe? Don’t worry – there’s a nifty way around this. When taking them to the post office, ask to have the invitations “hand cancelled.” This means that instead of being franked by a machine, they will be hand stamped – in a far more delicate manner!

5. Getting married outdoors? Invest in veil weights and heel protectors

Yes, this is something that often only comes to light on the day when sweeping gusts of wind make holding down a veil near on impossible. To save your trusty bridesmaids from a troublesome task, it’s worth investing in magnetic veil weights. They come in a whole manner of beautiful, discrete designs and can be easily attached to your veil.

Similarly, sinking heels can easily be avoided by using simple, discrete heel protectors like these.

6. Acknowledge that not everyone will be able to attend

Family holidays, prior engagements and long distance travel mean that not all guests will be able to attend your wedding. It’s worth keeping this in mind when budgeting for catering as this is likely to be one of the largest costs you’ll have. To help you do the maths, here’s a handy calculator from RSVPify. Remember, the results aren’t gospel – it’s just a useful guide to work from.

7. Remember to book your registrar in advance

If you are planning a civil ceremony, don’t forget to book your registrar in advance. Some registry offices can be provisionally booked up to two years in advance, so it’s important that you get your date secured. Then, once everything is confirmed, you can go ahead and finalise your time and date with the venue.

8. Post-it notes…

…are a Godsend when wedding planning. This is especially true when deciding on your seating plan. Instead of drawing it out, scribbling in new names and having to start from scratch, get the post-its out.

Draw out the table arrangement and write out your guest names on separate post-its. Then, with your partner, swap in and out names around the room plan until you’re both happy.

9. Get an app

Yes, they say there is an app for everything – so why not make the most of the wedding planning ones? They can help you to keep track of spending, create to do lists and even build customised schedules working back from your date. Here’s a round-up of 10 popular apps, along with the benefits for each.

10. Wear your wedding shoes around the house

New shoes can often equate to painful blisters – so don’t wait until your wedding day to wear your shoes for the first time. Put them on whilst at home whenever you can and break them in so they’re comfortable for your big day.

11. Remember to breathe and be in the moment!

This is the important part. When your big day finally comes around and all of your planning is coming into fruition, remember to breathe and be in the moment. Make sure all tasks are done and don’t leave any errands or bits to do on your wedding day (no matter how small). You’ll want to enjoy every moment whilst creating the memories that you’ll cherish forever.

Looking for some extra planning help?

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