10 Things to do Straight After you get Engaged

Monday, March 16th, 2020
10 Things to do Straight After you get Engaged

First and foremost – congratulations!! 💍 This is the moment you’ve been waiting for.  You have an engagement ring and you will soon be getting married to your soulmate. It’s surreal, yet definitely happening!

You are sure to be feeling lots of emotions and excitement will be one of them, but very likely a hint of anxiety will be there, too. This is totally normal, it just means going from dating to a just-got-engaged/bride-to-be in a matter of seconds is a shock to the system! 

To make sure your wedding planning journey goes smoothly from start to finish, we’ve pulled together a guide of the 10 things that you should do in the weeks straight after getting engaged.

10 Things to do Straight After you get Engaged

1. Celebrate Together

That electric moment of adrenaline-fueled ecstatic love high will be one that you will never be able to reproduce, so although it’s tempting to share that happy moment with the world, try to soak in that feeling for as long as you can.

Rather than jumping straight on the phone to tell your friends and family, instead, pop a bottle of Champagne, cry together, laugh together, watch your favourite film, whatever you feel like! Just close yourselves up into an engagement bubble for as long as you want, and revel in the beauty of the moment.

You’ll soon get caught up in answering hundreds of questions and planning your wedding, so savour this short amount of time that you have to celebrate together.


2. Call Your Parents

Now you’ve had a night, or maybe just a few hours, alone with your fiancĂ© – it’s time to break the happy news to your family! If you’re close to your parents, they should be the first people you call. Although don’t be shocked if they’re already aware of your engagement if your partner took the traditional route of asking your father’s (or mum’s) permission.

But you still need your own special moment to announce the exciting news, so get on the phone and let the happy screams commence!


3. Insure Your Ring

We know, it isn’t the most fun wedding task in the world, but getting your ring insured is a really important one to do right after you get engaged to save any tears. Try to add it to your home insurance policy as then it is surprisingly inexpensive.

10 Things to do Straight After you get Engaged

4. Make Sure Your Ring Fits Perfectly

If your ring needs resizing, it’s best to do it now, otherwise, you’ll just be constantly worrying about it slipping off your finger.

The original jewellers should resize it for you for free, and they usually get it done for you within a short time period, so you won’t have to part with your newly prized possesion for too long…


5. Treat Yourself to a Manicure

For the first few weeks (or maybe after your ring comes back from the jewellers), everyone will want to take a look at that big sparkler on your finger and you don’t want chipped varnish ruining the look for you!

Treat yourself to a professional manicure that’ll complement your gorgeous new accessory and whilst you’re there, why not practise and prepare yourself, as you’re about to have to tell your proposal story a million times over.


6. Have an Engagement Party

After you and your partner announce your engagement, a party is a great way to celebrate with everyone, together, and you may be surprised at how many want to come along to join you! 

10 Things to do Straight After you get Engaged

7. Take a Break

Just the two of you should take a break from all the excitement and mayhem before you begin the next crazy big step in your life – planning your wedding!

Although it’s not a bad idea okay to get started early with your planning, remember to be sensitive to each other. Your future husband is likely to have just spent a lot of energy (and money) on a proposal and may need just a little time to step back and relax before starting to spend on the wedding.

So taking a long weekend away is a perfect way to find out to enjoy being engaged, check in with where you both are at and get used to calling one another fiancé or fiancée.


8. Let the Planning Commence… Set a Date! 

If you’re thinking of getting married in the year or two after your engagement, then it’s a good idea to start thinking about a date as soon as possible, due to how quickly venues and vendors get booked up!

Have a chat to those closest to you and your partner and see what you can come up with, ensuring that there are no major conflicts.


9. Work out Your Wedding Budget

Before making any big decisions about your wedding, you and your fiancé will need to have a sit down together and figure out what you have to spend, and also whether either of your families are planning on contributing to the wedding. Just make sure you and your fiancé are in agreement before talking to your parents about money.

10 Things to do Straight After you get Engaged

10. Choose Your Dream Venue

Now you have a few dates in mind, it’s time to get in touch with the venues. If you don’t have a place in mind yet, check out the venue section of our Bride Bible where there are some beautiful venues that you can take a look at in the North West of England.

Do you have any more tips and tricks on what to do straight after getting engaged? If so, let us know on social media!

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