10 Reasons for a Christmas Wedding

Christmas might seem like a distant memory now, but a Christmas wedding can be planned years in advance, so you might be looking to 2016, 2017 or even further before you tie the knot and it is a lovely time of year for a wedding.

David Walters from dW Photography gives us his take on this special season….

“Christmas is a special time of the year, and I love photographing a Christmas wedding.

Mix that in with some mulled wine, candles and fairy lights (and don’t forget the Christmas tree!) and you have the recipe for a very special day.

Here are my top 10 reasons for having a Christmas wedding.

1.It Might Snow.

It’s a long shot but the heavens might just open with some fluffy beautiful snow. The photos will look amazing and you get the chance to accessorize with some cool wellies.


With summer being the most popular time to get married, you have a better chance of booking the suppliers you really love, like the venue, without waiting forever with the rest of the crowd.

3.Ready made theme

Most venues and churches are already decorated which means you can put more into the honeymoon fund… If you do decide to buy your own you will find lots of beautiful glittery things usually at a discount at the right time of year.

4.Time Off

Everyone, including yourselves, already have time off so even if you choose a weekday it’s not going to be an issue.  Since you are already on annual leave this means more holiday days throughout the rest of the year!


Winter’s early evenings and dark nights means only one thing, lights, lights, lights! A beautiful open fire, twinkling fairy lights and flickering candles; does it get any more romantic?

6.Everyone loves Christmas!

Nearly everybody loves Christmas and they are already fired up with festive cheer, so mixed in with the special atmosphere of your wedding it’s fun times two!

7.The photos look amazing

With Christmas lights, decorations and all manner of glitteriness in the background your photos will have an added wow factor.


8.Delicious Food & Drink

Time to greet your guests with mulled wine, hot chocolate and maybe spiced cider? There is a lot of amazing comforting food which only comes out at Christmas time.

9.Christmas songs

You have heard them a thousand times before but just think of the fun to be had spinning on the dance floor to Mariah Carey’s  ‘All I want for Christmas is you’ or ‘Fairytale of New York’…..


As well as  having all of your past memories of Christmas adding to your nostalgia and total Christmas mania, you will now have one of the best days of your life as a Christmas memory………”


This is a  guest post written by dW Photography who specialise in natural documentary wedding photography and can be found at http://www.dwliverpoolphotography.co.uk

or tel 07886794180.