10 DIY Wedding Favour Ideas

Sunday, June 28th, 2020
10 DIY Wedding Favour Ideas


Wedding favours come in a whole manner of shapes and sizes nowadays, so you really can get as creative as you like. Whether you’re on a budget or not, creating your own wedding favours can add a much more sentimental touch. 

From cocktails to sentimental notes, the possibilities are endless so, to get your creative juices flowing, here’s 10 DIY wedding favour ideas that won’t be left on the table!…


  1. Coffee 

Coffee lover? Why not give your guests their own little fix. Yes, it may not be the most obvious choice but it’s becoming a highly practical and popular type of favour. Simple and relatively cheap to make; give your guests something to take away that you know most (if not all) will use. You can get as creative as you like with this one and include a quote on the bag like “grounds for celebration” or “the perfect blend”… we’ll let you take it from here.

  1. Candles 

Who doesn’t love a good candle? We’re not saying you have to make these from scratch – it’s all in the decoration. Track down some scented votives like these and get creative with a personalised design. You could use ribbons and postal tags to add a personalised messages. Or, if you’re feeling particularly artistic, take metallic markers and draw your own designs onto the glass. 


  1. A cocktail in a jar

Who doesn’t love a little tipple to get the party started? Why not treat guests to their own mini cocktail to enjoy before the wedding breakfast? Another relatively simple one (depending on your cocktail mixing skills!) Head to Pinterest to hunt down some recipes – just be sure to check your measurements – no one wants to be sozzled before the evening begins. Decorate with a personalised label describing the cocktail. 


  1. Mini Meringues 

Tasty and light, they’ll be sure to go down an absolute treat. This is one you can do yourself with a few simple ingredients and a piping bag. Decorate with edible glitter (or whatever you fancy) and present them in mini boxes. 


  1. Sparklers 

Want to make those wedding photos truly magical? Give each guest a cute box of sparklers so they can help to lighten up your evening pictures. Plus, who doesn’t love a good sparkler?

  1. Personalised note

If you’re struggling with budget and don’t have much allocated to spending on favours, why not write a personalised note for each guest? Thank them for attending your big day and include a personal memory or two to make it truly personal. Sometimes, little touches like this can make all the difference and really show you care. 

10 DIY Wedding Favour Ideas

  1. A vintage book 

Literature fan? English teacher maybe? Share your passion by providing everyone with a vintage novel. You can pick them up in charity shops and second hand book stores for next to nothing and it’ll add a real personal touch. 


  1. A ‘mixtape’

This one is a throwback to the days of the good old mix tape. Load up your wedding playlist to USB sticks so guests can continue to enjoy the tunes after the party is over. 

  1. Temporary tattoos 

Ok, so not the ones you used to get when you were 6. We’re talking metallic gold and silver colours to match your theme. They’re particularly fun if you’re hosting a festival style wedding and will help guests really get into the spirit of things. You can find plenty of designs available on eBay, ready to be placed into a handmade, personalised envelope. 


  1. Mini soaps 

Like candles, this is a trinket that guests can take away and use. If you’re not up to physically making the soap, you can source bars online and then decorate the bags or holders with a personalised message. 


To sum up 

When it comes to wedding favours, it’s the thought that counts. Whether you have the budget or not, there’s plenty you can do to add a special touch. If you’re still suck for ideas, head on over to our Pinterest where you’ll find a goldmine of DIY wedding favour ideas. 

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