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How will you remember your special day?





At Northern Image we realise that it’s the biggest and quite probably the most expensive day of your life, many months of planning have gone into ensuring that the day will be just perfect, what a shame it would be if all of that was lost forever.

A high quality professionally produced film of your day will preserve the day forever allowing you to relive the day again & again, sharing the happiness with family & friends & generations yet to come.

Northern Image is run by Paul Johnston, an ex Granada Television producer with many years of filming experience.

A Northern Image film will capture the things which you didn’t see on the day. As the Bride you will be the last to arrive at the Wedding venue, your guests will already be there and you’ll have missed all of the excitement and anticipation as they arrived for your big day, likewise as the Groom you’ll miss the Bridal party’s final preparations, a Wedding DVD will capture all of this so you can relive the whole day time & time again.

Asking a friend or relative to film your wedding is likely to lead to disappointment and embarrassment. Use a professional, ideally someone who is accredited to a national body, they will have the experience and knowledge to capture the whole day. They should also be using the latest camera and audio recording equipment, High Definition Blue-ray disc is the current standard.

The best coverage is undoubtedly gained with 2 camera operators, they really can be in 2 places at once, it also allows for more creative editing of the final film when a good variety of camera angles can be used.

Many couples have told us that they’d considered their Wedding Film a luxury item and it was at the bottom of their list, after receiving the completed film the usual comment is

“It should have been at the top of the list! There is so much that we didn’t see on the day!” 

 We don’t need our day filming – we have a photographer.”

Your photographer will usually be concentrating on the Bridal Party – you’ll know what’s in the pictures because you’ll be there when most of them are being taken – there is so much more happening on a Wedding Day, an experienced camera operator will capture the bigger picture, the sights and sounds which you would otherwise miss.

 “I don’t like having a camera pointed at me.”

That’s the job of your photographer. A wedding film should capture the day unobtrusively. The essence of our service is to be inconspicuous on the day. All of our filming takes place from a respectable distance, this way people look natural and relaxed and are usually completely unaware of our cameras.

 “It’s too expensive, we’ll look for someone cheaper.”

The best quality is never cheap, generally you get what you pay for.

There are no re-takes on a Wedding Day, you’ll only walk down the aisle once, you’ll only say your vows once and the speeches will only be delivered once, you need to be totally confident when you trust someone to film all of this, they will be only get one chance to capture the moment and it needs to be perfect.

“How do I choose?”

 10 Tips

1.  Ask to see a sample of work. Demo discs are fine but ideally ask to see a complete wedding filmed in a venue similar to  your own so that you can see how the film flows to tell the whole story of the day logically from beginning to end.

2.  Websites usually have a facility for viewing samples online.

3.  Are the shots smooth & in focus or do they shake & wobble?

4.  Are the colours accurate or do they look washed out or too bright?

5.  Can you hear the vows and speeches clearly?

6.  Is the audio level constant throughout or does it rise and lower during the film?

7.  Does the camera operator zoom in & out making you feel sick & dizzy? 

8.   Is there a good selection of different angles used?

9.   Do the people featured look natural and unaware of the presence of a camera?

10. Does it keep your interest?

If you can watch somebody else’s wedding film and find it interesting, entertaining and emotional, just imagine how fantastic it would be if you knew everybody in the film!

Ask about hidden extras.

Will you be charged for your videographer attending the rehearsal?

How many copies of the finished film will you receive?

How much are extra copies?

Will the camera operators request refreshments on the day?

How long will it take to complete my Wedding Film?

We’ve heard tales of some companies taking many months to complete the edit process, we personally find this totally unacceptable, Northern Image films are delivered in around 4 weeks.

A Wedding Day passes so quickly, the months of preparation, the planning & decision making all gone in one perfect day shared with family and friends. Your photographs will provide a record of the day but a professionally made film presented in stunning High Definition and set to your own choice of music will allow you to relive the sights & sounds of the day over & over again including all of the things which you didn’t see on the day.

It’s the biggest day of your life and it’s make sense to preserve it in the best way possible.

Memories will fade with time but a high quality Wedding film will preserve them forever.

Call Northern Image, we’d be delighted to send you our current sample DVD, we’ll even come to visit you to show you an example on High Definition Blue-ray disc.

Northern Image

The Very Best In Professional Wedding Day Films

0161 737 1018

07710 406036

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