Wedding Cake Ideas

Ornate tiered wedding cake

Ornate tiered wedding cake

When most people imagine a wedding cake they envisage the traditional white iced cake, stacked in tiers with a little bride and groom on the top, but there are lots of different options to make sure that you have something different and unique for your special day.

Think about what you really like; it is no good having a heavily fruited cake if the bride or groom doesn’t like it, you want to be able to enjoy a piece of your own cake after all! Consider having a fruit layer and a sponge layer to accommodate both tastes, having differently shaped and decorated tiers, or look at having something completely different. Lots of companies are realising that their products can be translated in to ‘cake’ style designs, from different cheeses to stacked pork pies; cupcakes, biscuits, cake pops and macarons have all been used successfully, stacked on stands to replicate the tiered look of a traditional cake. You could also opt to give your guests a chocolate fountain, ice cream parlour, candy buffet, childhood favourites like crispy cakes and tray bakes, profiterole towers, or cake shots where different desserts are served in small shot glasses from stacked trays and guests can have a choice of flavours. It means that there could be less waste as most of this will be eaten on the day, as opposed to the cake being cut into pieces for guests to take away with them – it usually ends up with the bride’s mother taking away the leftover portions to be given out to anyone who comes to the house over the coming weeks! Wedding cakes can also be tied in to the theme of the wedding, so if you bonded over a film, TV show or sport you could incorporate this into the design. Your cake is sure to be photographed by guests so why not make it a talking point too?

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