Lots of brides I’m sure will have the image in their heads of that ultimate dream winter white wedding day with frosty trees and snow covered venues. I have had the pleasure of meeting and providing gowns for many winter brides,I myself was married a week before Christmas on the 18th December 1993, no snow unfortunately but plenty of frost , a little winter sun and a real bite to the air! More and more brides are looking towards winter time for their weddings, not just in the hope of that amazing winter photo or the whole wonderland feeling, but because when all is said and done it’s a great way to save money!

You’ll Need to Prepare for the Worst-Case Scenario
As a winter bride, you have to know the answer to the biggest question: what will you do if there’s heavy snow on your wedding day and no guests can get there?

One idea is to ask the “what if” questions while searching for your suppliers. Cherish bridalMake sure to ask your — venue, photographer, videographer, DJ — what would happen if we were forced to cancel due to unexpected bad weather. Some suppliers may allow you to reschedule for another date at no additional cost, assuming he or she was available on the new date.Its always worth asking. Of course, getting everyone together again on a different date isn’t always possible. If you’re wary, its a great idea to think about taking out wedding insurance. Most policies will protect you against losing your deposit money due to a weather-related cancellation, meaning that you can then book new suppliers if needed.

Embrace the Season
Don’t let the fact you are getting married in winter dictate your wedding style. You don’t have to have a winter wonderland theme or use burgundy,green, gold or darker colours just because you are getting married in a cold-weather month? Pale blues and silvers,whites and lilacs can look just as effective during winter! Snowflakes, frosted branches, and icy blue lighting can all add that wintery drama to your day! You can also embrace the season by serving heart warming cocktails and beverages, hot chocolate, snowballs and have real fires lit at your venue to add that comforting glow and give your guests a place to warm up after a few photos outside. Its important to check with your guests when they will be available to attend your wedding if the date is booked around Christmas day or new year, they could have already made plans, a save the date card in advance is a fantastic idea.
One of my all time favourite Winter weddings that I had the pleasure of providing a gown for was Amy & Carl’s wedding day, they were married on 18th December 2010. It will always stay in my mind as a fairytale white wedding. Amy and Carl invited me to watch the ceremony. The day was a perfect winter scene, the ground was covered in snow and everywhere was gleaming white…it gave me goosebumps, I’m sure Amy & Carl and the rest of their wedding party were feeling the same.
The Bride wore a 1920’s style soft satin Victoria Jane gown called ‘Chanel’ & the bridesmaids wore cranberry coloured dresses , the contrast against the snow was perfect! I was so proud to be a little part of their day, their photos were amazing.There are a few gorgeous photos attached to share with you! It made it even more special that they shared the same wedding date as myself and my husband, it brought back lots of lovely memories of my day as I watched them say their vows.
I think that the winter months don’t get given the credit they deserve to be chosen as a wedding date,after all who says that when you get married in summer you will have glorious sunshine? The weather is the only thing you cannot book in advance….so give winter a chance when thinking about your date.!!
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Have an amazing wedding day if you have a winter white wedding, please share your photos with us ,we would love to see how special your day was!
Enjoy the images!

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